Amazing race by walking tour

Take your time to discover hidden local spots

Walking in Bangkok


Bangkok sightseeing usually associates with travelling by taxi, or bus, boat or tuk-tuk, you name it.


Our Amazing Adventure invites you to try the most exotic but amazing way of Thailand sightseeing which is just walking in Bangkok.


With that, not only will you be able to save some money, which is important for the amazing race, but you will also be able to visit a lot of hidden spots in Bangkok, which is great for the one who wants to enjoy a maximum of the royal capital.

Walking in Bangkok

Why Thai locals hate walking?

Bangkokians do not like to walk; it is due to multiple reasons. The first is that Bangkok is very hot and humid in the city throughout the year, we can also add the fact that they do not like the sun because they prefer to avoid tanning. Finally, the sidewalk is often obstructed by sellers or occasional scooters which causes them to avoid it and choose vehicles.


Nonetheless, every Bangkokians do the walking in Bangkok when they want to visit a temple or take part in some popular activities such as scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Many team building events include some specific walking activities, too.

Amazing advenures walking tour

Take your time to discover hidden spots

When you choose what to see in Bangkok and pick tourists attractions for your itinerary, you do not have a lot of interest in walking in Bangkok as a part of your adventure tour but the local transportation cannot bring you to many interesting sites; you cannot drive inside Bang Kra Chao botanic garden, or famous fresh Klong Toey market, or many temple complexes. So, in many cases walking in Bangkok is the only option to organize a complete adventure tour of the capital.


It is important to say that we do not take you to the mainstream tourist spot but to the best hidden spot in Bangkok, which are usually visited by the locals only.

walking in Bangkok

Interact with locals

Walking in Bangkok during the amazing race will get you to interact with the locals, indeed we are going to give you question that you cannot answer by yourself (it does not matter if you read a guidebook on Bangkok), which will push you to ask help from the locals.


Walking in Bangkok should be a very convenient way to interact with people because you can reach hidden places where the locals are more knowledgeable about a certain place.


Do not be afraid of the language barrier, we will help you communicate with them, and they will be happy to help.

Save from budget to get extra points

Walking in Bangkok is obviously the best way to save money for the amazing race.


If you are not here for the win and you just want to explore Bangkok, then we recommend that you choose walking as your mean of transport.


You may not even finish last since we can show you the shortcuts to your destination, and most of the time, the other competitors will maybe be stuck in a traffic jam, if you are sporty enough, you can make that happen.


The money that you save will be added as bonus points, and since you saved the most of it, you will get a lot of point and you will have an incredible adventure in Bangkok.

tourist walking tour

Amazing race by walking in Bangkok

Best walking tour in Bangkok

A tourist that wants to visit Bangkok should prepare himself to walking.


Firstly, when you walk, you can stop wherever you want, to look here and there and feel the uniqueness of a particular place.


Secondly, some popular tourist attractions require walking, for example, you should be walking in Bangkok a lot if you are planning to visit botanic garden, or any of Bangkok markets such as famous Chatuchak weekend market.


And, of course, famous Bangkok food tour requires a walking part, too; it is necessary just to choose where do you want to have your dinner, and choice from many street cafes can be difficult.


Moreover, you can decide to take part in any team building activity that requires walking, too.

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