Amazing race by BTS Skytrain

blend with locals in the most popular way of transport in Bangkok!

BTS Skytrain

During the Amazing Race where you must choose your mean of transportation, you may be tempted by diverse local vehicles like the tukutuk, the songteaw, or the moto taxi.


What you may not now is that Bangkok possess his own metro system that surround the whole capital on the inside and the outside.


It is called the BTS skytrain (but there is also the MRT) and it is amazing. You will get to see he best of Bangkok in arguably the best public mean of transportation of the capital.

Bts skytrain

What is exactly Bangkok BTS?

The BTS Skytrain (or just skytrain) in Bangkok is a kind of on-rail metro.


There is AC inside, space, and a voice that is indicating the next station, in Thai and in English.


Therefore, eating and drinking inside is totally forbidden, this is made to keep the cleanness of the BTS.


This is cleaner that what we are used to in the big Europeans Cities. There is two lines of BTS skytrain in Bangkok, they will allow you to visit Bangkok fully.


The first one going from Mo chit station to Kheha station, the second one is shorter, and going from National Stadium station to Bang wa station.

bts skytrain ride


We also must make the distinction between the MRT and the BTS Skytrain.


The BTS Skytrain which you are now accustomed to is only available inside of Bangkok, and usually tourists love to use it because it shows them a new (and maybe nostalgic) way to see Bangkok.


The MRT is the opposite of the BTS, it is an underground train that is only available in the periphery of Bangkok.


There is 3 or 4 station that connect both for those who want to use and those that may have to be use it during the amazing race, there again it is only up to you.


Save from budget to win some points

The BTS skytrain is a public mean of transportation, which means that your entire team can fit into the wagon during the amazing race, it is not very expensive and it quite fast, some may argue that it is the best mean of transportation in Bangkok, but it is up to you to decide what is the best itinerary to attain your objectives.


Also, this is important to know that when it’s raining there is less BTS Skytrains and they are slower.


It will take you way much more time to go where you want to go, be careful at the weather if you are in a rush, because it can cost you victory.

BTS Challenge

Interact with locals

Another point of our Bangkok amazing race is that you will have to interact with the locals of Bangkok.


At a certain point in the race, there will be questions that you cannot answer to unless you ask the help of some locals (yes “some”, because most of them do not know the answer).


Even if you think that you know enough about Bangkok to easily pass the test, trust us, you will need the help of the locals to pass it.


Of course, we will be helping you communicating with them so worry not.

Interactive with the local

Amazing race by BTS skytrain

BTS Bangkok

As you already guessed it, the BTS skytrain is included in the pack of the amazing race among other mean of transportation.


We of course recommend you come try it, especially if you are from a country with a similar mean of transportation, because it will provide you a similar yet entirely different experience that we are sure that you will love and remember.

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