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Customized treasure hunt for kids birthdays and celebration outdoor

Kid Amazing Race


AMAZING ADVENTURE BANGKOK is well known for its races such as the cultural trail where you will learn a lot about Bangkok or the Gastronomic trail which is for the lovers of Thai dishes.


There is also the sport trail which required lot of energy (and a bit of athleticism) and The Ultimate Trail which in summary, is a mix of the best part of the three trails above. Finally, the BTS trail and Bazar trail is designed to make you feel like you are real Thailand local.


Now we are proud to present you with the kid amazing race, it is the perfect trail for kids.


What better way to keep the kids entertain than having their very own amazing adventure trail where they can enjoy multiple activities (and snacks)?

kid amazing race

Kid treasure hunt in Bangkok


The kid amazing race trail has been designed with this objective in mind!


If you want to have your kids experience Bangkok in a fun way (assuming you have kids between the ages of 7 and 11 years old) then you should bring them along to let them (and maybe you if you want) discover and enjoy Bangkok like they will never do anywhere else.


We also want to make sure that your kids keep a good image of Bangkok many years after this experience, so, with the work of our dedicated team, we will make sure that your Kids understand Thai culture during the kid amazing race, loves it, and memorize it many years after their first experience with us.

Kid tour in Bangkok

Fun activities for kids in Bangkok



We are sure that this event will exceed all your expectation, indeed, our kid amazing race is a mix of different activities for kids and by consequence, is also the ultimate game party for kids!


All the activities of this trail are about playing games and having fun.


For example, they can play a game of tag where each team will be provided a water gun and must find and spray the other team without mercy (😊).


There is also other games and activities that they can enjoy like bowling, ambassador or even roll pin eggs trail and Olympiad’s.

Kid fun tour in Bangkok

Birthday party for kids in Bangkok


The winner team will receive a trophy and all snacks are freely provided by us.


Do not worry, whether your kid lose or won, the kid amazing race was made to give the funniest and best experience for your kids in Bangkok.


The kid race is also the perfect opportunity to give the best birthday party ever to your child.


You do not need to stress yourself about the planning or anything like that, we will handle the whole event for you (we can even throw the party inside of our secret garden)!


If you have a special request for the party, we will of course listen to them, your child joy is our priority after all

kid challenge in Bangkok

Best Tour for kids in Bangkok

Thai teen Boxing


Also, do not worry about security for the kid amazing race, our team will also be here to ensure the security of every single participant of the kid race, and we will do everything to ensure the safety of your kids so that you can participate in other activities.


So… after reading all that, what are you waiting for?


Come and let your child experience the kid amazing race, you can go and enjoy your activities anywhere in Bangkok alongside your friends while your child (which is in our care), will enjoy the best of Bangkok, in a competitive (but fun) way alongside other kids and our team.


He will thank you for it, and for a good reason, the kid amazing race is the best event for kids in Bangkok. 

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