Amazing race by Local Tuk tuk tour

Travel like locals and race against the other teams!

Tuk tuk


If you know a bit about Bangkok, you should know about the tuktuk (and for those who do not, here, check this page).


A ride in the tuktuk is one of the numerous ways to make you feel the real Bangkok way of life, and Amazing Adventure invites you to try this mode of local transportation.


It will make you feel like a true Bangkokian – at least for a couple of hours.

Team tuk-tuk

What is a Tuk tuk?


Tuk tuk is a tricycle that has a small cabin for maximum two passengers; it is a modernized version of rickshaws that were popular across Asia in the past.


Now it is considered as one of traditional Thai types of transportation; tuktuks have special license plates, the overall number of tuk tuks is strictly limited in Bangkok as well as in Thailand, and tuk tuk business is often inherited in one family from older generation to the younger one. 

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Most fun local transport

Usually, travelers decide what they want to see in Bangkok and then make lists of the most popular tourist attractions and activities (such as treasure hunt).


Well, in Thailand a traveler should decide not only what he wants to see but also how he wants to see it, and Thailand tuk tuk tour is one of the must-do options in this country, especially if you plan to visit Bangkok.


Is is incredibly fun whether you are with someone or not, and the ride is very entertaining, you have some drivers that will drive like it is a race (it is still safe, do not worry), and if not it is still very satisfying to watch Bangkok from a tuk tuk.

tuk tuk ride

Sharpen your negotiation skills

Overall, the tuktuk the is a bit less expensive and less common than the taxi in Bangkok (it is also more fun) but it is not a reason to try to get a cheaper price for your amazing race.


It is up to you to negotiate with your driver to have the cheapest ride possible, so show us your negotiation skill and how you get the cheapest price possible.


Most of time your driver will be open to negotiation since there is not a definite price so it will be a good occasion to sharpen your negotiation skills and save money (which mean more point) for the amazing race.

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How many people will you fit?

Thai people, especially elders, like to use tuktuks on daily basis – for example, they go to the market by bus or by song teaw, and go back with many purchases by tuk tuk.


it is more affordable that taking a taxi (and often is quicker – just because a tuk tuk is smaller than a car and can move a bit faster in traditional Bangkok traffic jams).


Because tuktuks are quicker, you can often see not only elders but also youngsters who use tuktuks when they are in a hurry and want to be on time on a team building event, or just take part in scavenger hunt.

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Amazing race Tuk tuk tour

tuk tuk amazing race

Are you convinced yet? If you want to make your Bangkok trip a real adventure tour, you should try tuktuk mode of transportation.


It does not matter where you are going – your destination point can be a famous tourist attraction, a team building activity, or just another street café during your food tour.


In any case, travelling by tuk tuk will give you pure feeling of Bangkok traditional life, and it will be an amazing race along the streets of Venice of the East!

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