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Amazing adventure Bangkok

Our staff here at Amazing Adventure Bangkok is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you get prepared for your amazing adventure. 

The amazing Adventure is suitable for anyone looking for fun, challenge and competition while discovering Bangkok from a different angle.

It is designed for all ages from 10 years old and does not advantage neither males nor females.

All races are not physically demanding (except the sport trail) so absolutely everyone can play as you can choose from a large range of races. You can also define your level of difficulty, which makes it even more suitable to anyone.

Our guest are mainly companies for their team building event, expats families to learn the Thai culture through fun activities and the groups of tourists want to escape the touristic traps.

The game takes place in the vibrant center of Bangkok.

You will get to see some of the most famous places but also some others you wouldn’t have seen by yourself.

We ensure you a breathtaking experience in our favorite spots

You must only make sure you are wearing clothes accordingly to the weather and we provide, rain coats, bags, caps, water, with of course our experienced and fun game masters.

We recommend to wear a t-shirt (or long-sleeved shirt), shorts and sneakers. We also recommend to bring spare clothing.

Otherwise, just come ready to enjoy a fun experience!

The duration of a race depends on the trail and the level of difficulty. Generally, it last for approximately 4 hours:

  • 20 minutes – Intro, ice-breaker, rules
  • 2.30 – 5 hours – Game
  • 30 minutes – Wrap-up, awarding of the winners, enjoy a free drink

We require a minimum of 4 pax for gastro and cultural and 10 pax for sport and ultimate to ensure the game will be challenging and entertaining.

You can book directly online by filling in the booking form, call us at +66(0)95-730-2064, or write us an email at

You will also find many answers to your questions in this teaser video:

Customers reviews

I had an ultimate race this weekend with the company. i really enjoyed it ! We had a lot of fun competing with the other team on different missions. I also liked the Idea of bonus points to help you win the race! I will recommend it if you enjoy competition. My team lost that's why I give 4 stars otherwise it's awesome.
Namcha Duanphen
Ultimate Corporate trail
We had a great time with the team during the activities with Amazing Adventure. It was fun to learn Thai dancing, Thai massage and flower necklace making. Also very good fun going around some less known parts of Bangkok. The Amazing Adventure team was young and friendly. We really enjoyed it.
Pierre Buet
Cultural trail
It was a great experience for us to try Thai peoples cultural and the traditional dances. That was so adventures and exciting thing for us because the staff was so supportive and nice! Everything was well prepared. We had so much fun here!
Efrain Roberts
Cultural trail
The Ultimate Race was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences for our group. The staffs were so much friendly and funnier. We were so happy to have them as our guide. Thanks to you for showing us the real Bangkok and your amazing service.
Whitney Davis
Cultural trail
We participated in a introduction of Muay Thai with my friends, that was very interesting and fun ! The guides are very friendly. Amazing Adventure Bangkok is a good choice to discover Muay Thai, I recommend The Sport Trail, amazing animation team, it was super fun!
Jo Sama
Sport trail
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