amazing race by motorbike?

Hop on a motorbike to get to your next challenge spot!



To participate in the Bangkok Amazing race, you must wisely choose your mean in transportation to go from a point A to a point B.


Why should you choose wisely you say? Because the main component of the game is that you will be given a budget and you must use it on your mean of transportation until the end of the race.


You will be given points depending on how much money you managed to spare at the end, but also on your position among the other competitors.


One of the main vehicles you can use (which is arguably the fastest) is the motorbike.

motorbike ride

Taxi moto culture

In Bangkok, the Taxi moto is something that is very close to the Thai culture, indeed, since the locals in Bangkok do not like to walk, they prefer using a motorbike as a Taxi to get from a point A to a point B.


It is quite cheap, so the price is not a problem and since the road in Thailand are constantly in a traffic jam (and since they are not as strictly regulated like in other countries).


It is safe to say that the Taxi moto and the motorbike is very helpful to get around in Bangkok.

motorbike tourism

Save some time!

Indeed, not only it allows you to sneak your way between the cars to go where you want, is it also quite fast.


During the Bangkok amazing race, the motorbike will undoubtably be the fastest vehicle you can use win the race, but it is also the most expensive, because there can be only one person per motorbike, which mean that in comparison to for example a bus (which can take all your team).


You will need to pay for each member of your team, so It is up to you to decide if the speed provided by the motorbike is worth it.

motorbike ride in Bangkok

Interact with locals

One point of the Bangkok amazing race is that you will have to interact with the locals of Bangkok.


Indeed, during the race, you will have to answer certain question that you cannot have the answer to unless you go ask the locals.


Yes, even if you have read a whole book on how to tourist in Bangkok, we are sure that you will not find by yourself (even some of the locals do not know the answer).


We also know that you will have a hard time communicating with them but worry not, we or may or may not (hehe 😊) help you communicate with the tourists.

Motorbike amazing adventure

Sharpen your negotiation skills

Of course, the taxi moto and their motorbike are not affiliated to us, which means that you will have to find one by yourself and convince him to give you a ride.


It is the easy part. The hard part will be to convince him to give you a low price so that you can save more money for the end of the race and win more points, your negotiation skills will be tested so harden your heart and show us how you do it!


You may also have to be careful with the scammers, but we will give you tips on how to identify them and avoid them, so do not worry about that.

motorbike fun

Amazing race by motorbike

motorbike fun in Bangkok

Doing the Amazing race by motorbike is in our opinion, worth it if you are quickly bored or/and love to have rushes of adrenaline.


You will get to see the beautiful capital of Thailand while slaloming around the multiple cars of Bangkok, which will provide you with a lot of fun and but also a sense of freedom.


Taking the motorbike in Bangkok is arguably one the funniest mean of transport, but also the most expansive if you have a big team, so use it wisely (or not 😊).

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