Fun cultural activites during your treasure hunt

Learn Thai culture through funny cultural activities supervised by local experts

Join us to track Bangkok together !

Thai food

The best option for cultural related team building events: Team cohesion, competition, brainstorming and team spirit will be need to win the race!

Thai boxing

Want to get out of the classic tourist factories to discover the real local life, interact with locals, learn Thai activities directly from them in a fun atmosphere?

Thai Dancing

You think Bangkok and the Thai culture doesn't have any secret for you? Embark in a new adventure with your friends and family for a fun day full of surprises!

Thai Craft

A giant treasure hunt for your kids birthday? We customize our treasure hunt on demand with the right dose of cultural, intellectual, sport and team spirit challenges!

Check our amazing cultural activities:

Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a wide range of engaging cultural activities to practice under the supervision of our local partners.


Check the cultural activities of our gastronomic trail to discover every aspect of the Thai culinary culture.


Check the cultural activities of our gastronomic trail to discover the base of the Thai culture through fun and engaging activities and challenges.


Check the challenges of our sport trails to challenge your family and friends on the most popular Thai sports.


Opt for our ultimate trail to get a mix of the best cultural challenges offered in the other trails.



Cultural activities

BLind fold food testing

Sharpen your palate and challenge your friends on this fun Thai food blind fold activity.


Recognize the local  ingredients used in the Thai dishes to win some points and win this fun challenge!

Legendary dragon fruit

Have you ever heard of the dragon fruit? a holy fruit that you can find only in SE Asia, but will you be able to find it?


Use your orientation skills and attention to details to find the legendary fruit and discover a whole new savor!

Flower bracelet

FLower bracelet

Flower bracelets are one the most famous Thai craft. Locals use an encestral technique to make these lucky bracelet, to then offer them at the temple to make merit.


Our local flower bracelet expert will teach you the art of flower bracelet, which you can keep or choose to donate to Buddha for your positiive Karma!

Fruit carving

Thai food smells good, taste good but also looks good!


Thai chef are taking the presentation of their dish very seriously and food or fruit carving is a whole local art in which you wil take part during our fruit carving challenge!

Fruit carving

Lotus flower

Lotus flower folding in one of the most famous form of art in the Thai culture.


Our local expert will teach you the secret of the lotus flower folding.


Once you are proud of your creation, you can either keep it as a souvenir or offer it to the temple to make merit.

Thai massage

Thailand is very famous for its Thai massage culture.


Learn the secret of Thai massage from our local massage expert (graduated from the infamous Wat Po) through this fun team challenge in a natural botanic garden.

Thai massage

Som Tam

Papaya Salad, called Som Tam in Tghai language is one of the most famous Thai dish that you can’t afford to miss! 

After buying the ingredient in the largest fresh products local market in Thailand, use the ingredient purchased to create your own Som tam under the supervision of our Issan chef!

Thai boxing

Thai boxing, also called Muay Thai in Thai language being the most famous sport in Thailand, we won’t let you miss your chance to try this ancestral sport.


Under the supervision of our proffesional team of thai boxers, learn the basic  through fun challenge and finish the activity with a fun blind fold sparing challenge!

Thai dancing

Thai dancing is combination of graceful moves and elaborated costumes anchored in the Thai culture for centuries.


:earn the basic Thai dancing moves, under the supervision of our expert Thai dancing team, and challenge your friends and colleagues on this fun Thai dancing challenge!

Customers reviews

I had an ultimate race this weekend with the company. i really enjoyed it ! We had a lot of fun competing with the other team on different missions. I also liked the Idea of bonus points to help you win the race! I will recommend it if you enjoy competition. My team lost that's why I give 4 stars otherwise it's awesome.
Namcha Duanphen
Ultimate Corporate trail
We had a great time with the team during the activities with Amazing Adventure. It was fun to learn Thai dancing, Thai massage and flower necklace making. Also very good fun going around some less known parts of Bangkok. The Amazing Adventure team was young and friendly. We really enjoyed it.
Pierre Buet
Cultural trail
It was a great experience for us to try Thai peoples cultural and the traditional dances. That was so adventures and exciting thing for us because the staff was so supportive and nice! Everything was well prepared. We had so much fun here!
Efrain Roberts
Cultural trail
The Ultimate Race was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences for our group. The staffs were so much friendly and funnier. We were so happy to have them as our guide. Thanks to you for showing us the real Bangkok and your amazing service.
Whitney Davis
Cultural trail
We participated in a introduction of Muay Thai with my friends, that was very interesting and fun ! The guides are very friendly. Amazing Adventure Bangkok is a good choice to discover Muay Thai, I recommend The Sport Trail, amazing animation team, it was super fun!
Jo Sama
Sport trail
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