Pink egg challenge

who will dare testing the century egg?


We are sure that you have seen pink eggs in Thai markets or grocery stores before. Have you ever wondered what they are? The Thai name for the pink egg is ไข่เยี่ยวม้า (khai yiao ma) which actually translates to “horse urine egg”. There is a common misconception or “myth” that these eggs used to be made by soaking them in horse urine.

Thankfully, this is not actually true, but the myth likely came from the fact that the pink egg has a smell of ammonia that many people aren’t used to. The pink egg is a Thai variation of a century egg or thousand year old egg – an Asian tradition that involved preserving the egg for several weeks or months using a process that combines clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls.


This particular preparation method for eggs originated in Thailand. The result completely transforms the egg – while it is pink on the outside, the pink egg is actually greenish-black or dark brown once peeled. Some people are put off by the smell – it has a somewhat pungent smell, but we guarantee the taste is not as bad as it may initially seem!


There are several uses for the pink egg or century egg in Thai food. Sometimes it is eaten on its own as a snack. Alternatively, it can be added to other Thai food dishes in order to add some additional flavor to the mix, like Grapao (holy basil stir fry).

Pink egg




To complete this challenge, you will be guided to the Chatuchak market by your game master, this market is the biggest in Thailand with more than ten thousand sellers and stands, all the product that you will find in this market are more fresh than you will ever find anywhere else!


In this gigantic Market you will have to find a seller that sell Pink Eggs that you will be able to try!


They are pretty easy to spot with their pink color but in this huge place you will have to look well around you to find these!


 But the real challenge begins there!


Who will dare to try this Pink Egg?

Pink egg



This challenge is a great opportunity to interact with locals and learn about Thai culture.


In the Chatuchak Market, while you will be searching for these pink eggs, it will be a chance for you and your group to create really good memories in a place unique like this market.


Moreover, you will have to interact with the sellers to negotiate about prices but also to get indications to find these pink eggs.


Once that you found it, you will have a discuss with the seller to get them and be able to complete the challenge.


This activity can be adapted to every group of any size (family, friends but also co-workers)but also for people of any age

Amazing adventure Bangkok


Pink egg


Are you up for this Amazing Race challenge?


It is simple – all you have to do is try a pink egg! This is a fun challenge that is suitable for people of all ages, and it gives your group the chance to try something new together. Who knows, you may end up loving how the pink egg tastes! And if not, at least you will leave with plenty of laughs and good memories. 



It is also a great opportunity for your group to get bonus point if you dare to complete this challenge by eating one of these eggs!

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