Thai Dancing

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Thai dancing History



Dance is the main dramatic art form in Thailand and there are many different styles of dance that were developed through history, each of these styles have different rules, some are more performed by men others by women or by both, but it is a real culture in Thailand with, the way to distinct a style of dance from another is mostly through the costume that the dancers wear.



Thai dancing was influenced by Indian culture and became a style recognizable apart of others when Thailand culture characteristics started to differentiate itself from other country’s cultures.



At the beginning, Thai dance was only practiced in the Royal court, but it became open to public later.


This type of dance was largely influenced the stories of Thai people, it could be about their daily lives but also about their religious rituals.

Thai Dancing

A traditional culture activity


The most famous traditional Thai dance is called Khon (which is classified as an UNESCO Heritage) , a dance drama that tells a story.


The stories are based on the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Indian story Ramayana.


Historically this style of dance was only performed by the royal family in the royal court, but it developed to become one of the biggest art forms in Thailand and practiced by a lot. Khon is most of the time performed by men which are dressed as different characters, it can be men, women or even monkey and demons!


In addition to regional dances, Thailand is also known for its folk dances, and classical dance dramas.

With such a complex and rich history, Thai music and dance are a truly interesting medium through which you can learn more about Thai culture. That is why we wanted to propose this activity to your group.

Get Moving with our Thai Dance Initiation

With our Thai dance initiation, you will have the opportunity to learn about Thai dance from a professional teacher that will walk you through the choreography along with traditional Thai music.

Learn the origins and moves of Thai dance from a professional teacher accompanied by traditional Thai music.


In addition to the dance itself, our professional teacher will also explain the origin and style of dance to your group. There are many Thai dances that reflect a story,

In company of talented performers, you will have the chance to learn about Thai history and Thai music at the same time these professional performers are dedicated to preserving their cultural heritage as well as the authenticity and tradition of their art, and they do this expertly through their choreography and skill. They are the most able people to pass on the culture and their passion to you and your group.


During this activity, you will have to reproduce and learn the movement shown by our professional partners, once you learnt some moves, you will have to choose the best dancer of your group who will have to do a dance battle against the other group’s best dancer. That’s a great way to add a bit of competition during this fun activity!

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To sum up about this activity, it the perfect opportunity to share a new and unique experience together and it’s is one of the best ways to quickly bring any group together, whether you are with family, friends, or coworkers.


A shared new experience is a great way to bring a team together so they can get to know each other in a relaxed environment, and the physical aspect of learning a dance is sure to keep any children or teenagers that may be a part of your group engaged and involved.



Do not miss out on the amazing experience of our Thai dance initiation!

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