Local spots during your treasure hunt

Visit hidden local spots and immerse in the local life

Join us to track Bangkok together !

Local temples

Avoid touristic traps such as Wat Po and grand palace to discover hidden local temples for donations of your Thai crafts.

Local markets

Experience the widest and wildest local market of fresh products in the center of Bangkok. Discover a atmosphere from another world!

Botanic garden

Escape Bangkok traffic and pollution to reconciliate with the nature, where many fun challenges will be conducted!

Local food spots

Discover the best local food court and street food spots in Bangkok to taste new savors and learn the secret of Tai lcaol food!

Check our amazing local spots

Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a wide range of engaging cultural activities far form the touristic spots such as Wat Po or the Grand Palace.


Discover a charming botanic garden, in the center of Bangkok with a huge lake and singing birds to accomplish your challenge a green natural atmosphere.


Discover local spots you would never found by yourself such as our Issan local restaurant, our fresh products local market and much more!


Get away from the big temple full of shouting tourist to immerse yourself in the life of local temples, and donate the gift made during the race to help them keeping their lifestyle.


Discover the secret of Tai food through our challenges conducted in a local food court and at our favorite street food shops!



Local spots
hidden Thai places

Explore hidden local spots


During your Amazing Race, you will have the opportunity to be guided by game master who will show you hidden local spots places that they have the secret of.


These places are a must see when you go in Thailand and are not known of every tourist, you will feel lucky to see it.


It can be temple, garden, or other type of Idyllic places

Amazing Adventure Bangkok
Amazing Adventure Bangkok

Visit Bangkok like a local

During your trip you will have the opportunity to integrate Thai culture by interacting with locals.


But you will also have the opportunity to interact with locals in their daily lives which mean that you will share their experience, and create unique memories with your group.


 You will visit the city like people who live there and not make the classic route of the tourist.

cultural tour

Interact with locals


During the Amazing Race everyone will have to interact with locals, you can not make a Race Day without interacting with locals.


You will have the opportunity to know more about their culture and will have the chance to test how welcoming and smiling people are in Thailand.

tuk tuk ride

Discover local lifestyle


During your activities with your group, you will see how people live in Thailand, it can be through their dishes or their way of transportation or anything else.


But this experience will show you the real Thai way of life.


It is an amazing experience to live with your group of friend and family


Botanic garden in Bangkok center


The botanic garden that you will visit is located in the center of Bangkok.


This is a way for you and your group to see the paradisiac place that allow people to get out of the city pollution.


There are a lot of activity to do for you and your group in this Botanic Garden.

Food court & Street food


The street food is well developed in Thailand and locals often eat there on a daily basis.


In these street food shop, the food is more likely to be served fresh you will on most cases see it being prepared in front of you.


And it’s delicious, we strongly recommend you to try it!

Local temple lifestyle


In Bangkok Temple also called Wat Po, you will have the opportunity to interact with monks and discovers their lifestyle and philosophy.


It isan amazing chance to interact with their wisdom and to the culture they are trying to sustain.


It is a great opportunity to create memories with your group in these wonderful places

Local markets



During your Amazing Race you will have the opportunity to visit markets, local markets , flower market or even the Chatuchak Market which is the biggest market of Thailand.


These market will all give you access to fresh product that you will be able to buy for your challenge, your activities or for yourself.


This is another way to discover the diversity in Thai food and dishes.

River canals


Bangkok is a city which is crossed by a large river, you will have the opportunity to cross it with a boat and use a way of transportation that a lot of locals use during their daily lives.


It is a great opportunity to see the city from another point of view and discover local spots that you will not have the opportunity to visit otherwise.

Visit Bangkok local spots in a fun way


During your amazing Race you will have the opportunity to visit the city with your group of friends and family.


Completing the challenge will add more fun to the visit and help you to create memories that you will be able to immortalize with pictures.


Do not hesitate and book your Amazing Race now !

Customers reviews

I had an ultimate race this weekend with the company. i really enjoyed it ! We had a lot of fun competing with the other team on different missions. I also liked the Idea of bonus points to help you win the race! I will recommend it if you enjoy competition. My team lost that's why I give 4 stars otherwise it's awesome.
Namcha Duanphen
Ultimate Corporate trail
We had a great time with the team during the activities with Amazing Adventure. It was fun to learn Thai dancing, Thai massage and flower necklace making. Also very good fun going around some less known parts of Bangkok. The Amazing Adventure team was young and friendly. We really enjoyed it.
Pierre Buet
Cultural trail
It was a great experience for us to try Thai peoples cultural and the traditional dances. That was so adventures and exciting thing for us because the staff was so supportive and nice! Everything was well prepared. We had so much fun here!
Efrain Roberts
Cultural trail
The Ultimate Race was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences for our group. The staffs were so much friendly and funnier. We were so happy to have them as our guide. Thanks to you for showing us the real Bangkok and your amazing service.
Whitney Davis
Cultural trail
We participated in a introduction of Muay Thai with my friends, that was very interesting and fun ! The guides are very friendly. Amazing Adventure Bangkok is a good choice to discover Muay Thai, I recommend The Sport Trail, amazing animation team, it was super fun!
Jo Sama
Sport trail
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