Food court challenge

Learn how to order your favorite Thai dishes!

Food court


The food court is a staple of Thai culture, during the day people love to enjoy a quick and cheap breakfast for lunch.


Food courts will typically have a variety of stalls that offer different types of Thai food.


You can choose from a HUGE variety of noodle dishes, rice dishes, soups, salads and more.


This food court challenge is a great way to learn more about different Thai dishes, you shall be able to taste a variety of different types of food, and learn more about where different types of Thai food comes from and what kind of flavors are used the most in Thai cuisine.

Food court

What is a food court?

Food court is known as an indoor plaza where various kinds of food are available and provide a common area for self-serve food and ingredient to prepared any kind of food you want.


Food court in Bangkok has the cheaper price to order your varieties of one in one common area. What do you think when you hear about Thai food?


There is actually a whole lot more to Thai food than just Pad Thai and Tom Yum! Although Thai food is known all over the world, there are actually so many different types of Thai dishes, especially from different areas of Thailand.  One of the best ways to explore the different cuisines and dishes that are available in Thailand is to go to one of the many food courts in Bangkok.


Bangkok gives you the best opportunity to enjoy a variety of food which is made for your taste as you love it. When visiting Bangkok, you must visit the food court in Bangkok, which will give you the best choices to pick what kind of food you want and also give you a great experience.

Our amazing food tour


Our amazing food tour gives our guests the best tour in Bangkok showing the best environment to experience to buy food stuff at a cheaper price which will give the mouth the best yummy taste.


Our team will give a guideline on where to get the food court in Bangkok and where to buy all the necessary tasty and spicy food necessary to enjoy the meals, it is well-prepared and has a different taste that will make you ask for more because the food tastes great in the food court at a cheaper price.


The food court in Bangkok has the best location to get Thai cuisine in one area at a more affordable price, and they taste so great.


Bangkok city is a busy atmosphere and also very expensive as well, but with the food court, they make it possible to make life easier to afford delicious food at a good price.

Learn how to order your favorite Thai dishes.


Our amazing team tour provides a guideline between you and the sellers, they give instruction on how to communicate in a Thai phonetic manner which will give the sellers an idea what you are interested in buying.


It is a good way to feel engaged with the locals and also gives you the best communication skills to order your favorite Thai dishes in the food court in Bangkok.


Learning the basic Thai phonetic makes it way easier to order your food from a local seller.

The food tour Lunch included


The food tour lunchtime is the moment everyone will be together to have a lunch break time in the food court air conditioner and refresh themselves for the fun food court challenge.


interact with locals

Interact with the locals is the most difficult aspect of getting anything in the food court.


Therefore, our team will encourage everyone to try creating a friendly atmosphere with the locals and also engage in basic Thai phonetic communication which will enable our guests to buy what they want.


The locals are nice and friendly people who can exchange communication nicely and smoothly.

Fun food court challenge

This is a great activity for groups as you won’t be limited in your choice as no matter what kind of food you like, you’ll be able to find something you love, we guarantee it. This is also a fantastic way to introduce anyone new to Thailand to Thai food. It makes a great activity for companies, as you can spend time together enjoying delicious Thai dishes and each other’s company.


Whether you are a newbie to Thailand or even if you have lived here for some time, the food court challenge is sure to open your mind to new cuisines. You shall probably find a new favorite Thai dish. These group which will have different activities to find a way to communicate with locals and buy food in the food court, and they will also be giving the opportunity to interact with locals and learn more about Thai dishes and cuisine.

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