Bicycle tour in Bangkok

Get out of the traffic to enjoy a relaxing discovery of the botanic garden


Whether you have lived in Bangkok for a while or are visiting for the first time, it is unlikely that you have ever relied on biking as your main form of transportation.


Despite what many people might think, if you ride a bicycle in Bangkok, you are guaranteed to discover a few things you might not have known about otherwise, and it is especially true if you are riding a bicycle during the amazing race!

Escape Bangkok traffic and pollution

Bangkok is an incredible place, yes, we and you know that, but one of the main downsides to this city is that his traffic is heavily polluted because of the numerous traffic jams and the over abundance of vehicles.


The solution to his problem? we have it, indeed we can take you to a ride with us on a bicycle where you will get to explore the healthiest and less frequented places of Bangkok while using the healthiest mean of transportation ever.

Bicycles in the Botanic Garden

Bicycling in a botanic garden

Indeed, let us not use the old roads of Bangkok which are dedicated to the motorized vehicle, let us go to an adventure into the botanical gardens of Bangkok where you will get to breathe the freshest air of the capital and admire a beautiful scenery.


The botanic garden will show a great variety of Thai flowers that you may have a hard time to find anywhere else, and since those garden contrast so much with the usual traffic of the Bangkok, you are sure to remember and treasure those moments.

bicycle tour in Bangkok

Discover the green lungs of Bangkok

Riding on a bicycle in Bangkok is also a very special experience if you do it in Bang Krachao (the lungs of Bangkok). It is a special place where no high building is allowed and the only thing that you can see on multiple miles is bamboo a forest and a vast vegetation, there is a cement road to make sure that you do not get lost and to provide you with a stable surface to ride on. Go and try it, it is one of the best places to experience peace of mind.

Ride in total safety

Do not worry about your safety on the bicycle, we are providing you with the best equipment we can for you to avoid any injuries. Riding in Bangkok can be dangerous with the traffic and the pollution (and sometimes also the roads yes,) but we will take you to the safest places of the city where you can freely enjoy your ride. With our protection, whether you are good or not at riding a bicycle, your security is assured!

Interact with locals

One of the main specialties of our amazing race is that you will have to interact with the locals of Bangkok. It is crucial during the race to do it since you will have to answer certain question that you cannot have the answer to unless you go ask the locals. Even if you were to be a tourist specialist of Bangkok, we bet that you will need to have someone answer to your question. It is a very fun and fulfilling experience to talk with the locals.

Amazing race by bicycle

bicycle amazing adventures

This relaxing activity is the perfect way for friends or family to get out and about and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Take a moment to see the city in a new way – we guarantee that you will be surprised and delighted by what you see on our biking tour. Who knows, you might love it so much that you decide to ride a bicycle through the city instead of always taking a moto taxi! Learn more about what you can discover on our bicycle tour today!

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