Your adventure food tour in Bangkok

Discover the secrets of Thai gastronomy through a fun treasure hunting game

Food Tour in Bangkok


Thailand is a country renowned all around the world for its cooking and we are proud of that. Indeed, Thai food is complete and whatever flavor or texture you are seeking, you are sure that you can find it in Thai food.


We are also sure that with us you will be able to experience a unique experience with Thai food.


Indeed, with our local food tour in Bangkok, we will show you the secrets of Thai cooking and Bangkok Street food through exposure to typical ingredients and a cooking class run by local cooking experts.


On this food tour, you will discover everything from the colorful local markets to the typical street food stands.

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Experience Thai Food

A food tour in Bangkok is the perfect way to experience quintessential Thai gastronomy.


The Food tour in Bangkok is a comprehensive foodie experience that covers every aspect of Thai gastronomy through Bangkok food, from purchasing ingredients at a local market, fruit carving, and tasting street food to Thai cooking demonstrations and a cooking class.


Taste, smell, see, hear, and touch local food to awaken and invigorate your senses in this exploration of Thai culinary traditions.


Our food tour in Bangkok also comprises a complete Bangkok food tour broken into five challenges, each of which will either give participants a cooking lesson and teach them to cook like a Thai or allow them to taste and recognize distinctly Thai flavors.

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Fun activities and fun locations in Bangkok

The first task involves participants heading to local food markets to shop like the locals do.


This process includes finding the necessary ingredients and bartering with local stall-keeps.


Next, the experience takes you to a Som tam (papaya salad) shop, where you will receive a cooking lesson on Thai gastronomy.


The third stop on your food tour in Bangkok is a bike ride to the beautiful botanical gardens where you will experience fruit carving, a Thai specialty, with a local expert.


At your next stop, your senses will be ignited when you will be blindfolded by your host and asked to identify different ingredients by taste alone.


Whether or not you have a good sense, you are sure to be challenged, but also have a ton of fun.

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Enjoy a great ending in Bangkok


Finally, in the last phase of the food tour in Bangkok, the participants last task on their food tour will be to sample local cooking by feasting on several Thai dishes in a local food court and enjoy a well-deserved rest from the day’s local market activities.


You can also enjoy multiple drinks if that is what you want.


The final meeting point is at the entrance of the food court of Suan Plern Market, located on Rama 4 Road. It does not matter if you win or lose at the end of our food tour in Bangkok, since both winners and losers will receive a reward at the end of the competition in a fun and animated end-of-the-day presentation at lunch.

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Best food tour in Bangkok

Amazing adventure Bangkok


Convinced yet? Our Food tour is the best in Bangkok, you will be provided with all the equipment that you need for your fun trail, so you do not need everything but yourself.


We propose a very complete set of activities to let you experience Thai cooking in (almost) it is entirety.


Book now to reserve your spot on the Bangkok food tour in Bangkok, and do not miss the chance for the culinary experience of a lifetime in which you will get to learn how to cook Thai food.


You will not regret it, and your family and friends will thank you for it.

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