Cook, Taste and Sell Amazing Street Food Like a Local

What is street food?

Street food is a kind of food sold by the roadside or is also known as cooked or prepared food sold by the locals along the roadside of the street or other public locations such as this place here 


This kind of mini restaurant is very popular in Thailand, especially in Bangkok because people find the means to survive by being productive, and most Thai do not cook at home. 


Therefore, it is easy to access for them to have something to eat after a long day of work at the office, and even the tourists are more attracted to this kind of mini restaurant. 

Street Food

Why is street food so popular in Bangkok?


Street food is so popular in Bangkok because most Thai people find it very convenient to get easy access to food by hanging out with friends after work with a chilled cold beer.


The reason behind, the reason it is so popular in Bangkok is that most people don’t cook at home, they don’t have time to cook after a long day of stress from work. 


Tourists also play a role too by patronizing the food stand because it tastes good with fresh ingredients and is also very cheap to buy the food.

Group Street Food

Interact with locals

Most tourists visiting Thailand are more interested in trying something new and different, which is the local Thai street food.


This food tastes great and is very cheap compared to buying it at the restaurant.


Our amazing race will help you to create a good interaction between you and the local seller, explaining how the food is prepared and how it tastes, and the method in which it can be prepared or cooked.


This situation helps the seller and the tourist to be on the same page of understanding the best food menu situation for them to try.

Taste local Thai street food


As for the aspect of tasting local Thai street food, it is a great chance to try different kinds of Thai local dishes, which will help the tourist know what local food they like the most.


The taste of local Thai street food gives people great relief for easy assessment.


Sometimes this street is open late at night while the restaurant is already closed.


The local merchant will be happy to allow tourists to taste a variety of their street food to choose which one best fits their taste of local Thai street food.  That is why good interaction is a great way to build a good friendly environment.

Taste Thai Street Food

Cook your own street food


After a long tour at the Klong Toey local market in Bangkok, the participants will go to the local merchant shop.


We will learn to cook and make our own street food with the help of the street food merchant who will guide them how to make papaya salad and other delicious Thai dishes.


This is the best way to help the tourist know what is used to prepare their local Thai street food.


So they can acknowledge that it is a safer and healthy ingredient used to make street food. 

food tour fun

Amazing street food challenges

Amazing race street food Challenge is a kind of food challenge that has a lot of food with different menus which is available during our local Thai food street tour.


Our main aim is to make sure every participant is engaged in all activities, first by buying the ingredient at the biggest Klong Toey local market.


Then, we will go to the local street food seller to taste and try making your own food behind the stand of the food seller to make your own food. It is a good way to open a good communication and interaction with the locals.


They are always there to help and put any effort that you feel comfortable living in Thailand and also patronizing their food. A competition is set, and the best yummy Thai dish will get the highest point scores.

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