Discover unique Bangkok's areas through fun team challenges

An Exciting Journey

Treasure Hunting in Bangkok breaks the mold of classic team building by incorporating games that are not only entertaining but also deeply engaging.

Participants will find themselves interacting with locals to complete various tasks, each designed to showcase the vibrant culture and spirit of Thailand.

This innovative approach ensures that adventurers do more than just visit landmarks; they engage in genuine exchanges that highlight the warmth and hospitality of the Thai community. 


What's the concept?

To navigate this thrilling scavenger hunt, adventurers will need to unlock three distinct areas, each offering its unique set of challenges and experiences. Groups will be formed and given a list of 15 plays, with the objective of completing at least 10 to advance to the next exciting destination.

This format encourages participants to brainstorm, communicate effectively, organize their efforts, and support each other, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration while they strategize to win.

THE THREE STEPS OF YOUR unique Scavenger hunt

1st step: THE busy market

Scavenger hunt

The first area introduces players to the bustling heart of Bangkok, the city’s largest fresh products market.

Open 24/7, this vibrant market is a feast for the senses, with enticing smells, delicious food and a kaleidoscope of colors. 

The set of games here will require units to navigate this lively environment, engaging with vendors and locals, before moving on to their next destination by the iconic Thai tuk-tuk.

2nd step: A Temple by the River

Contrasting the market’s frenzy, the next stop is a serene temple by the river. This peaceful setting offers a mini food court and the chance to interact with a community of locals and monks.

Here, participants can make donations and observe animals rescued from other market released into this specific river, embodying the spirit of compassion and continuity.

New challenges await, guiding adventurers to their next destination by boat.

Bangkok's beautiful temple during unique scavenger hunt

3rd step: The Botanical Garden

Bangkok's peaceful garden

The final area is a tranquil botanical garden, where calm, peace, and harmony with nature reign supreme.

Participants will explore the lush surroundingsdiscovering plant life and water features by bike or, for those who prefer, scooter cabs. This serene environment offers a perfect backdrop for the concluding challenges of the hunt.

ADAPTED activities for Limited Budgets

Knowing the importance of accessibility, this team-building is ingeniously crafted to accommodate even the smallest budgets. This ensures that the adventure, team spirit, and cultural discovery are available to all, from European tourists to Asian explorers and local Thai adventurers.

The experience retains its full excitement and engagement, proving that memorable events don’t have to break the bank.


Understanding that each group has unique desires, “Scavenger Hunt” offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether it’s incorporating a Thai dance class, a Thai boxing session, or any other cultural element, the activities can be customized to meet your specific wishes. 

Our team is dedicated to listening and adapting the experience to reflect the uniqueness of each group, ensuring a truly personalized and memorable excursion.

What you need to remember

Funny picture group

Scavenger Hunt stands out as the first scavenger hunt experience in the city. It masterfully combines fun games, cultural immersion, and interactive tasks to create an unforgettable adventure.

The experience is designed to be inclusive, adaptable, and engaging for everyone, highlighting the beauty, culture, and spirit of Bangkok in a way that brings teams together and creates lasting memories. Whether you’re seeking an adventure that breaks the traditional mold, caters to a tight budget, or needs a personal touch, this scavenger hunt promises to deliver an unparalleled experience.


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