Explore Bangkok Botanic Garden

Escape the pollution to explore the Green lungs botanic garden

Bangkok Botanic Garden

Bangkok botanic garden is a kind of garden that is differentiated from other types of gardens that people are always interested in visiting during their free time or leisure time. Bangkok Botanic Garden is beautiful, well-organized, and tidy for the general public to visit and learn more about gardens because they are different.

Visiting this garden will enlighten you on the differences between flowers and garden and their origin where they are from.

It helps people who have an interest in the garden to expand their knowledge on different methods of having a garden in their homes and what type of garden will fit their environment.

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Bang Kra Chao

Bang Kra Chao is a very beautiful environment as most visitors assume that Lumphini Park has the best green space anyone can find in the city. But they failed to do more research on Bang Kra Chao, which is a very impressive atmosphere. It is a matter of patience how to get there, which is very easy. All you have to do is allow us to be your guide to that paradise environment. It is very easy to locate with our help because you have to cross the river near to Wat Klong Toey Nok temple using the boat longtail. It is just a mile away because the moment you arrive at the location, you won’t believe it is part of the Bangkok city. There are no skyscrapers, no tall buildings of any kind, and no factories or signs of industries around. No traffic because the form of transportation by the locals is motorbikes on the island. We will arrange all motorbike for you to explore the beautiful environment.

Explore the Bangkok botanic garden.


Explore the Bangkok botanic garden most of the time, it feels like visiting an island because of the nature of the environment design. For our new guests, when we visit there, it will look like a typical rural Thai village with many old wooden houses sitting amongst the palm trees and jungle. The environment is very peaceful that it provides a greater sense of immersion and better views of the surrounding that is far different from Bangkok.


There are many old-school Thai temples that will interest you too when you visit. When you are in Bangkok,, plan to visit Bang Kra Chao, which is also considered Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical gardens.

Reconciliate with nature


Reconciliate with nature helps people to understand the importance of the green garden environment and the reason we should encourage ourselves to promote a green environment and not allowing industrialization take our natural nature from us. When you visit there, you will feel the connection of connecting with nature.


The presence of the locals living there maintaining the green environment means that they appreciate and understand the natural beauty of Bang Kra chao, which in return attracts tourists to see how beautiful our world can be when reconnected with nature.

Fun activities in the botanic garden



Fun activities in botanic garden are a great way to learn more about our nature.


This opportunity helps you to grow interested in nature because we will teach you about different flowers, trees, and other garden specifications and how to maintain a garden.


There will be fun questions and answers which will comprehend your understanding of the botanic garden and why it is important in our society at large.

Best option for large team building groups

Best option for large team building groups is traveling to such a location that is far away from any kind of noise.


These will help create a different perspective on how to view things. The groups can be divided into two for fun game activities such as those who want a green environment in the city and those who are against it. These will create different views on who people portrait about the environment.


Team building in this aspect gives each member of the team to say something about the environment and their suggestions on how there should be an improvement to our surroundings 

Amazing race in Bangkok botanic garden


Amazing race in Bangkok botanic garden in Bangkok is an amazing place with an abundance of natural features for our team to take you there with your friends and family to enjoy the natural environment with no pollution, no tall buildings.


The environment is rich in local wildlife too. They have live fish you can feed while in the garden. It is a perfect environment for romantic souls and a pretty place to enjoy a peaceful time away from the city.

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