Your night tour in Bangkok

Enjoy Bangkok by night with our fun treasure hunt!

Night tour

Whether this is your first time in Bangkok, or you have been here before, the Bangkok Night Tour is a perfect way to learn real Thai Culture and discover Bangkok at night.


This trail can also be customized for Team Building and event organizer. If you want to experience Bangkok the way local Thai people do and escape the heat of Bangkok, then the Bangkok Night tour is just right for you.


Escape from the hustle bustle of the tourist spots and immerse yourself in the typical Bangkok lifestyle tour, culture and reveal your hidden talents with entertaining challenges.


All the challenges can be adapted to Team Building activities but also to the event organizer.

night tour

Discover Bangkok secrets spots

To refresh yourself before the start of your night trail, you will discover an ice factory where a frosted challenge awaits you.


You will visit is the primary flower market in Bangkok that has been cited as a “place of symbolic values” to Bangkok residents.


In the market, there is a lot of local people selling Thai flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The night tour is made to let you discover all those wonderful places.


Also, with our Night tour, you will also have the occasion to discover Bangkok secrets spots.


Indeed, with your usual guide you will probably only get to explore mainstream places that everyone gets to explore, but with us, you are going to see the true and very best of what Bangkok has to offer, not the Bangkok that we show to tourist but the everyday Bangkok that the locals and connoisseur enjoy.

Thai temple

Learn Thai dances

You will also learn the Thai traditional dances ‘’Khon’’, ‘’Lakhon’’ and ‘’Fawn Thai’’, which were once reserved only for royalty.


Every part of the opulent costumes and makeup has a special meaning and every elegant movement symbolize a part of the story being told.


You will learn some of the movements from authentic, traditional Thai dancers.


Here, the most graceful performance wins the Thai Dance Challenge.


This activity is excellent for Team Building because it allows employees to get closer with the help of a fun activity.

night tour fun

Show us your creativity in Bangkok

On the third stop of the night tour, you are going to learn how to make an authentic Thai flowers bracelet in front of one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok.


The teacher will show you how to properly make it and you will have to replicate.


At your next stop come to spend an unforgettable moment by feeding the turtles at Wat Prayun temple with the bananas you have bought at the market at the beginning of the race.


Then, you will have to come back to the meeting point near the Chao Phraya River and all the teams will have with show us their creativity and their skills to make the most delicious cocktails with adding a good dose of fun.

Night tour - Thai Boxing

Enjoy the best night tour in Bangkok

Night tour Banquet

Finally, you will have to pick one card and sing the song you have picked, enough to have fun after good cocktails while sitting and enjoy your dinner buffet with the mesmerizing night view of Chao Phraya River.


The night tour is a great way to discover Bangkok at night, and our night tour is the best there is in Bangkok, so what are you waiting for? Come to us and enjoy your night trail in Bangkok!


We believe it is a great event for families or friends who wishes to explore Bangkok at night, but we also think that the night tour is also very well suited for companies and team building events.

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