Fun challenges during your treasure hunt

Meet our fun challenges to keep the adrenaline flowing and win extra points!

Join us to track Bangkok together !

Good deed

Make a good deed to accomplish your bonus challenge, assist the local community and get some more points to win the race!

Local food

You think you already tried the most local food in Thailand? Come and taste food that you never experienced before!

local interaction

Interact with locals through our fun bonus challenges to get extra points and immerse yourself with locals.

Fun fishes

Try our fun fish related challenges in Klong Toey market and at the lake in the Green lungs of Bangkok! Laughes guaranteed!

Check our amazing fun challenges:

Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a wide range of engaging cultural activities to practice under the supervision of our local partners.


Besides these compulsory challenges at the different spot on the trails, we also offer the chance to participants to accomplish some bonus fun challenges at any point of time or location during the trails.


Interact with locals through our fun cultural quizz or by approaching locals to take part in their daily life.

Help the local community thought our good deed fun challenge to be part of something bigger.


Get the kids involved with our engaging bonus challenges such as the water gun part or the fishes related challenges.

Try food that you never though could exist before, and share this moment with your team and the locals.

Fun challenges Bangkok
Fun challenges

Feed the fishes

Come live this experience out of the pollution of the center of Bangkok! 


Try to feed the fishes you will find in the Botanic garden that you will visit during your Amazing Race! 


Doing this challenge will make you win more points for the total race!

Make a good deed

You must have already heard of Karma, this challenge is the best opportunity you will have to increase it and to interact with locals during your Amazing Race! 


With this challenge you will see how welcoming Thai locals are!


With your group of family and friends come try to help others and win points for your Amazing race!

Kiss the fish

Who in your group of family and friends will dare to kiss a fish in the biggest fresh Market of Thailand!


This challenge is all about guts and the willingness to sacrifice ourselves for our team!


Of course you will deserve bonus points for realizing this Challenge!

Fun challenge

Moto Taxi?


Try the most developed way of travel of Bangkok!


Go ask a moto taxi his jacket and take a picture to immortalize the moment!


It’s a great way to create memories for you and your group, but also to discover Thai locals daily lives.

Take a nap?


Don’t see any laziness in it, but Nap is a real developed concept in Thailand!


In this challenge you will have to find the sleepers and take picture with them.


You can wake them up if you need their services, but do not wake them up for nothing!

Century pink egg


In the biggest Market of Thailand, the Chatuchak Market, you and your group will have to find the pink eggs but the question is :


Who will dare to eat one of these pink eggs ? 


This egg is renowned for its recipe but also for its taste and smell out of the ordinary

Roses & strangers

During your Amazing Race, you will have the opportunity to complete this challenge by giving a rose to a stranger.


Discover how welcoming and smiling locals are through this challenge!


It is the perfect challenge to interact with locals and make them smile, but also to create memories with your group of family and friends!

Temple Skeleton

While visiting the beautiful temple of Thailand, you will have a real Scavenger hunt against the enemy team. 


Which group will find the Skeleton which is hide in the temple first?


You will have the opportunity to take a picture with this mythic Skeleton and win more points for your Amazing race group.

Water gun fun challenge


With this challenge you will have the opportunity to let off steam on the enemy group in this water fight in between other activities. 


With your group try to recreate the atmosphere of the Songkran Festival! 

Customers reviews

I had an ultimate race this weekend with the company. i really enjoyed it ! We had a lot of fun competing with the other team on different missions. I also liked the Idea of bonus points to help you win the race! I will recommend it if you enjoy competition. My team lost that's why I give 4 stars otherwise it's awesome.
Namcha Duanphen
Ultimate Corporate trail
We had a great time with the team during the activities with Amazing Adventure. It was fun to learn Thai dancing, Thai massage and flower necklace making. Also very good fun going around some less known parts of Bangkok. The Amazing Adventure team was young and friendly. We really enjoyed it.
Pierre Buet
Cultural trail
It was a great experience for us to try Thai peoples cultural and the traditional dances. That was so adventures and exciting thing for us because the staff was so supportive and nice! Everything was well prepared. We had so much fun here!
Efrain Roberts
Cultural trail
The Ultimate Race was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences for our group. The staffs were so much friendly and funnier. We were so happy to have them as our guide. Thanks to you for showing us the real Bangkok and your amazing service.
Whitney Davis
Cultural trail
We participated in a introduction of Muay Thai with my friends, that was very interesting and fun ! The guides are very friendly. Amazing Adventure Bangkok is a good choice to discover Muay Thai, I recommend The Sport Trail, amazing animation team, it was super fun!
Jo Sama
Sport trail
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