Blind fold food testing

Can you recognize the Thai local ingredients?

Discover Thai Food with Blind fold Testing


Pad Thai, Khao Pat, Som Tam, we are sure you have already tasted Thai food before, after all, it is well known around the world for being flavorful and delicious!  


That is why we are offering you an exciting new way for you to discover the flavors of Thailand – through Blind fold Testing!


In this challenge, you will be blindfolded and then given a variety of different Thai dishes to try, you will have to find out what ingredients the different dishes are made of!


Be prepared to really understand the complexity of flavors that the Thai food can offer. Taste food and learn how to identify the main ingredients and how they interact in Thai cuisine!

Food testing challenge

Taste food in a whole new way


Thereby, you will be getting up close and personal with the different herbs and spices that are used in Thai cuisine.


During the Blind fold Testing activity, you will learn how to rely only on your sense of taste and smell to unravel the different layers of flavor within each dishes.


You will learn about acidity, heat, and a lot of other elements of flavor, and how each one is used in Thai food to create the unique blend of smells and flavors that Thai cuisine is best known for.


Depriving yourself of other senses is a great way to hone others. When your eyes will be closed, your senses of taste and smell will be heightened, creating a whole new experience for you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Thai food your

The best way to connect.

In fact, food has always helped to create and improve the links between people and brought them together, that is the aspect we want to bring to you and your friends through Blind fold Testing.


Blind fold Testing is a fantastic way for a group of friends or family with participants of any ages to discover a new culture of food as newcomers to Thailand, we will give you a real opportunity to taste food and learn about Thai culture in a completely new way dedicated to discovery while having fun and enjoying the moment and getting closer to each other’s.



Otherwise, this activity can be set up between co-workers in the framework of team building, since the competitive aspect of Blind fold Testing, will stimulate the adrenaline and push everyone to give themselves fully in the activity to win. In this way, while having fun and putting them in a situation where they must work together.

Blind fold Testing will improve the relations between each other’s and help you in the future of your business!

blind fold food testing

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To sum up, Blind fold Testing truly is a fantastic way for any kinds of groups (family, friends, co-workers…) to explore and discover local food specialties and dishes. Our Blind fold Testing activity is perfect for newcomers to Thailand, but also for groups that have lived here for a while. We will give you the chance to get to know each other’s, to taste fantastic food and learn about Thai food in a completely new way. This activity is fun, engaging, and can be enjoyed by participants of all ages.

If you are particularly sensitive to spicy food, just let us know and we will be happy to turn down the heat so that we can accommodate everyone.


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