Do a good deed

Improve your positive karma by helping locals

Importance of Karma in Buddhism.



Making merit is an integral part of Thai and Buddhist culture.


The concept of making merit is similar to karma – “merit” is the positive protective force that accumulates as the result of good deeds, actions or thoughts that you will make to help others in your daily life.


This is an important concept in Buddhist ethics, as it brings good and agreeable results, determines the quality of your next life, and contributes to your personal growth and path towards enlightenment.



As part of our Amazing Adventure, we used this concept to give you the opportunity to gain a bonus point by performing good deeds by helping people in the city.

Good Deed

Let’s help each other’s!


This challenge is a good opportunity to create links between you and thai locals which are very welcoming people, you will be able to help people but also have fun as people are very smiling and open to other, it will be easy for you to find people to help in their daily routine.


There are many people in need all over Bangkok, Thailand, and of course the world. As part of your group challenge, you have the chance to perform good deeds in Bangkok.


We are not looking for anything huge – nobody expects you to cure world hunger! But every little thing counts.


We encourage everyone to perform good deeds throughout the city, no matter how small they may be.


You can help an elderly person cross the street, assist someone in carrying bags, or even give food donations to those in need.

Good Deed

What kind of good deed?


As there is a lot of people and activity in Bangkok, the opportunities to do good deeds are numerous and everyone can do it no matter your age or the size of your group, you will always find people who you can help and it is true all over the world!


You can help an elderly person bring back his groceries, help someone who has a problem with his car, bring back a lost object to his owner, give someone a bus ticket. Helping someone in need, or just spending time with someone who is alone.


This is a list of examples of good deeds you can do during your day with your group of family and friends, but we are sure you will be able to find your own good deeds that will help people and will create fantastic memories for you and your group!


By doing these good deeds, you will be in the best place to get closer to people as well as see the smiling and welcoming side of the locals.

Amazing adventure Bangkok

Good deed bonus challenge

Thai culture

To sum up about this challenge, we could say that this is a fantastic way to learn more about Thai and Buddhist culture, but also to interact with locals in their everyday routine. Thai people are very kind and friendly, and we guarantee that this group challenge will lead to plenty of great memories for the people who will make this challenge. 


When we all lead such busy lives, it is very easy to get wrapped up in your own problems and forget about others. This bonus point forces you to stop thinking of yourself and to instead focus on thinking of others. This kind of attitude and the performance of good deeds does not only benefit others, but it will benefit your group making you feel fantastic and giving you the chance to contribute to those in need! This activity is great for groups of all sizes and ages – it teaches valuable lessons for personal growth and development.

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