Try all local ways of transport during your amazing race!

Get by like a local with local transportations for one day and race for the win!

Join us to track Bangkok together !

Local tuktuk

Enjoy the most common way of transport for locals in Bangkok and race against the other teams to win the trail!

Local boat

Whether our tour brings you to the Chaopraya river or its little canals, enjoy the boat ride, a great occasion to interact with locals!

green bicycling

Escape Bangkok traffic and pollution to reconciliate with the nature, with our green bicycling transporation!

Local bus

Mix up with locals in their local bus or 'Song Teo'', definitely the cheapest way to save from your budget and get some extra points!

Check our amazing local tranportations

Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a wide range of local transportations to use between each spot of challenges.

Hop on the local bus to travel like a local and take the opportunity to ask the locals to help you with your fun quizz.


Take part of our tuktuk race to keep the adrenaline flowing and win the trail!


Hop on our local boats, whether it is on the Chaopraya river or on its little canals, to save some time and money to win the trail.


Discover a hidden botanic garden where bicycles will await you to bring you to your next challenges.


Discover Bangkok with our fun local transportations options and win the amazing race!

local transportations

Green cycling

Get out of Bangkok pollution and traffic to reconciliate with the nature with our local transportations.


After taking the local boat, our bicycles will await for you at the entrance of a breathtaking botanic garden to be explored by bicycles.


Interact with locals and get the your next challenge spot to win the amazing race!

Local boat

The most local transportations used by local is definitely the local boat on the little klongs. Local opt for this transport option because of its cheap price and its convenience.


Indeed , the canal network is sprawling and reach most of the city parts in a few minutes.

Get by like locals with our local boat transports in Bangkok to win the amazing race!

BTS Skytrain

One of the most famous transport in Bangkok is the BTS Skytrain, an elevated train that reaches the main parts of Bangkok.


Mix with locals to discover the train of the future and get to your next challenge spot with our local transportation options!

Local bus

With the local boats, the local bus is the most common way of local transportions in Bangkok for locals.

No air-cond, open windows and not much seatbelts, but a joyful atmosphere and a great way to interact with locals during your amazing race in Bangkok, with our local transportations!

Song teaw

”Song” means ”two” and ”Teaw” means ”Bench”, that is the reason why this public transportation option is called Song Teaw, because of it 2 benches facing each others on the back of the truck.


Hope into this big version of the traditional ”tuktuks” to get to your next challenge spot and enjoy this fun transportation time with your friends and family!


Taxi is also one of the most common transport used by locals, but also by expats and tourists. 


Taxi are not very expensive but they are to the best option when you are in a hurry because of the heavy traffic always present in Bangkok. 


Taxis provide a certain travelling comfort but is also the slower way to get by in Bangkok due to the heavy traffic.

Local tuktuk

You might be aware of all the tuktuk scams near the touristic factories such as Wat po and grand palace? Do not worry, this is exactly where we do not go! Embark the most famous local transportation in Bangkok!


Did you know that originally tuktuk are not designed for tourists to be bounced around but as a convenient way to get by by locals? Indeed, locals are using tuktuks, especially when getting back from the local market to pile up their purchased items and get back home quickly.

Discovery walking

Thai do not like to walk! Because of the waste of time, the humidity and the eat in Bangkok, locals always opt for a more conveneint way of getting by such as the local buses, klong boats, and tuktuks.


However, walking is for us the chance to take our time to wander around, find hidden amazing places, do your bonus challengecs and interact with locals who will help you during your amazing adventure!

Customers reviews

I had an ultimate race this weekend with the company. i really enjoyed it ! We had a lot of fun competing with the other team on different missions. I also liked the Idea of bonus points to help you win the race! I will recommend it if you enjoy competition. My team lost that's why I give 4 stars otherwise it's awesome.
Namcha Duanphen
Ultimate Corporate trail
We had a great time with the team during the activities with Amazing Adventure. It was fun to learn Thai dancing, Thai massage and flower necklace making. Also very good fun going around some less known parts of Bangkok. The Amazing Adventure team was young and friendly. We really enjoyed it.
Pierre Buet
Cultural trail
It was a great experience for us to try Thai peoples cultural and the traditional dances. That was so adventures and exciting thing for us because the staff was so supportive and nice! Everything was well prepared. We had so much fun here!
Efrain Roberts
Cultural trail
The Ultimate Race was one of the most incredible and challenging experiences for our group. The staffs were so much friendly and funnier. We were so happy to have them as our guide. Thanks to you for showing us the real Bangkok and your amazing service.
Whitney Davis
Cultural trail
We participated in a introduction of Muay Thai with my friends, that was very interesting and fun ! The guides are very friendly. Amazing Adventure Bangkok is a good choice to discover Muay Thai, I recommend The Sport Trail, amazing animation team, it was super fun!
Jo Sama
Sport trail
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