Amazing race by Song Teaw

Travel like locals and save budget to win some extra points!

Song Teaw

When you visit Bangkok, the best thing you can do is gaining the maximal amount of local experience, and by that we mean of course eating like local, drinking like local, and, of course, move along the city like a local.


One of the most popular mean of transportation in the capital (which is also one of the most exclusive in the world) is the song teaw – it is quite amazing, and it has a lot of benefits.


it is cheap (depending on how well you can negotiate, it can take multiple people at once which is great because you often get to talk with the locals.


We at Amazing Adventure, recommends you try the song teaw.

song teaw tourism

What is a Song Teaw?

You can see song teaws all over Thailand! Visit Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, or Hua Hin, and you will see them.


Song teaw is translated from Thai language as “two rows”: this name origins from the construction of the vehicle. This vehicle is a pickup truck with two benches (one opposite another) for passengers and is almost only available in Thailand or in Laos.


Locals use this mean of transport because they are cheap (one-way fare does not exceed 10 baht), and their routes cover the whole city area.


Also, they can stop anywhere on their route; a passenger should just press a ring button on the roof of the truck to drop off or wave his hand for stopping song teaw and dropping on.

Song teaw tour

interact with locals

So, you are familiar with Bangkok? Well, guess what, it does not matter; Indeed, another point of our Bangkok amazing race is that you will have to interact with the locals of Bangkok.


Why would you? It is because at a certain point in the race, there will be questions that you cannot answer to unless you ask some help from the locals.


And we said it earlier, even if you think that you are some sort of Bangkok expert, trust us, you will need the help of the locals to answer some our questions.


Of course, we will be helping you communicating with them so worry not and go show us your social skills.

song teaw fun

Fun ride challenge

Song teaws can be used by tourists for travelling everywhere in Bangkok (or in Thailand within any city).


Going to a team building activity or team building event, visiting street cafes during the food tour, participating in treasure hunt or scavenger hunt (such hunts are extremely popular among Bangkokians) – all these activities will be much more interesting, if you choose a song teaw as a mode of transportation.


Moreover, on song teaws you can communicate and chat with Thai people, and it can be amazing; if you visit Thailand, such an experience will be one of the most exciting ones.


So, if you want to make an amazing race on Bangkok streets, try song teaw – you will fell like a local in this beautiful city, Bangkok!

songteaw ride

Amazing race by Song Teaw

songteaw in Bangkok

Come and try our amazing, granted this vehicle is not as agile as vehicles like the motorbike nor the boat, it is more convenient than other like the bus or the BTS.


Bangkok can really become an adventure tour if you want to see not only the most popular sites but also to feel yourself a real Bangkokian.


You can choose what to see in Bangkok from plenty of options but song teaws in any case will be your door to real life in Bangkok; using them while visiting tourist attractions is a way of gaining an experience of Bangkok lifestyle and truly remember the moments that you have spend in the capital.

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