Local Thai Milkshake

Make your own local milkshake in a street food stand




Since in Thailand, not everyone has the chance to have a functional kitchen at home. Street food has developed strongly, and locals often eat there on a daily basis, via the shops that offer it.


You can find traditional dishes but also other meals and sweet food and drinks as milkshakes.



We are sure you have noticed these small businesses that are on every street who are selling a variety of different kinds of drinks for our greatest pleasure.



It is always good to add that contrary to what people think, street food in Thailand is not risky in term of health, the food is more likely to be served fresh you will on most cases see it being prepared in front of you.

Thai Milkshake



Thai people love sweets, and it shows in their drinks!



Many of the drink stalls make Thai style coffee, Thai tea, Chocolate shakes, Green Tea shakes, and a whole variety of other different kinds of shakes.



Many of these shakes are quite unique to Thailand, including Cha Nom Yen or Thai Iced Tea. The make a milkshake challenge is a fun activity that promotes creativity and teamwork. It is an excellent choice for any type of group, and it is family friendly, so children of all ages are sure to love it as well!



The large number of mix available will allow everyone in your group to find their happiness.

Thai Milkshake



This challenge will put you in contact with locals and into their daily lives, you will have to adapt to their street food habits and talk to them to know which meal or milkshake will correspond to your tastes. It is a great activity to understand the Thai culture and be apart of it for a day.


You will have to interact with the owner of the business to learn how to make a real Thai Milkshake, and try to be understood. In this way, you will be proud of your work and enjoy even more your product!


This challenge is a great way to have fun with your family and friends and in the same time integrate the culture of Thai people and their way of life!


This challenge can be adapted to any group of any size and people of any ages! So don’t be scared and try to make your own perfect Thai Milkshake!

Street food Thailand


Street food Thailand

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind chance to try your hand and make a milkshake, and also to interact with locals. Many expats in Bangkok often do not take the time to fully immerse in the local culture and this fun activity gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Discover a new side of Bangkok with our engaging and unique challenge! You will probably find a new favorite milkshake to enjoy during the process.


With our milkshake challenge you will have the chance to make your own milkshake! Discover the different kinds of ingredients used in Thai shakes, and practice making your very own creation. Can you sell it? This is a fantastic group activity for teamwork building. If you are looking for a fun team building activity this could be a great option for you – not only will your team have the chance to get creative, but they will also practice good communication and other teamwork skills with the added competition! This is also a fantastic family-friendly option for groups with kids or teenagers.

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