Thai Massage

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History of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is considered as a medical practice and is said to be an ancient practice dating back from more than 2500 years, the founder is said to be, Chiwaka Komaraphat (ชีวกโกมารภัจจ์), who was the personal physician of Buddha and also of the Indian King Bimbisara, it’s said that he inspired himself of yoga to create Thai Massage.


Firstly it was developed exclusively for Buddhist Monk, and then it became more popular to the point that the practice of Thai Massage have an integral part in Thai way of life as people get massage in everyday life as it allows to relax and is helpful for the muscles and the body.


During the history of this medical practice, the royalty allowed to consolidate the practice and allowed the teaching of massage, founding on the site of a temple called Wat Po, the first university of the country. Nowadays, still the temple of Wat Po is the most famous school of massage of Thailand.

Thai massage

The Incredibles properties of Thai Massage

Thai Massage is known all over the world for its relaxing but also for its healing abilities. It is an ancient healing system that combines a variety of traditional practices that increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balances the body’s energy systems. This is just the kind of relaxing time you need after all the work your team has put in. This activity is relaxing, fun, and educational. Through our activity, you will learn more about this incredible ancient art and have the chance to learn how to do it yourself!


It is a great way to have fun with you friends, family or even co-workers and having fun while learning about Thai massage and the culture of this ancient (but still modern) culture.


This is a great activity to learn about one of the most popular and important aspects of Thai culture – you will be able to learn from experienced Thai massage professionals so that you can offer this massage to your loved ones on your own!

Spend a relaxing time in Bangkok and learn more about the incredible healing properties that can bring Thai massage!

Learn about Thai massage and try it on your friends!



During this activity, in a beautiful place in Thailand, a game based on the Chinese’s whisper’s concept, will be proposed to your group, you and your partners will have to sit in front one behind another.



Our Thai massage professional will be behind the first person to make a movement that the group will have to make progress forward to the first row, the last person forward will have to reproduce this movement on the professional, who will judge if the Thai massage movement remained good or if it changed across the line you will form with your friends and family.



Although Thailand offers an endless supply of places where you can go for a Thai massage, not all massage parlors are equal.



Do not be caught off-guard and allow us to find you highly skilled and experienced professionals so that you can have the most relaxing time and comfortable treatment experience.



All of our therapists are trained and are able to accommodate any special requests and tailor your treatment to best suit your needs.



This means that no matter what the size of age of your group members, our Thai massage professionals will be able to make the treatment adaptable and it will perfectly match your needs!

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To sum up about this activity , the Thai massage initiation is truly one of the best activities we have to offer – it is the perfect way to have a relaxing time while you still learn about an important aspect of Thai culture. After this activity you will feel revived and revitalized!



This activity is adapted to any type of group, family and friends but also co-workers that want to practice team building!



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