Songkran festival challenge

It is Songkran festival everyday with our fun water gun challenge!




On the date of the 13th of April, Thailand starts to celebrate its new year, the period of festivity lasts few days 12th to 16th of April, the word Songkran has for signification “astrological passage” and has for meaning a transformation, a modification, or a change.


In Thailand, the New year is now on the 1st of January, it was on Songkran until 1888 and got moved to the 1st of April and then moved again on the 1st of January in 1940.



In a spiritual meaning, the Songkran Festival is a moment of purification to wash all the bad “juju” of the past year to enter all free of negative spirits in this new year!



That is why Songkran is now a national holiday  and is celebrated with a lot of water fight.

Songkran Festival



At the beginning of this Holidays, on the first days, the festival is a religious celebration, with offers to temples and it takes places throughout the country for example, people will wash statues and figures of their beliefs.


It is an amazing festival that you need to live once in your life! You will be at the best place to discover tradition and culture of Thai locals.


The Songkran Festival is also called the water festival because the festivity implies a lot of water fight in the whole country (it is considered each year as the biggest water fight in the world.), you literally can not go out at this period of the year without getting wet!


The water fight takes place in the whole country especially in Bangkok where you will be.

But remember that you should not soak monks, policemen, people on bikes and motorbike or elderly people or babies. Even if it is in a funny way you always should respect that!

Songkran Festival

Recreate the mood of the SongKran Festival!


During your day activity, Amazing Adventure Bangkok will provide you the water gun so you can recreate the atmosphere and the feelings of this festival.


The challenge is based on the fact that you will come up to the other group by joining the places of the activities, and your objective will be to engage a water fight between you and them in between the activities. 


With the water gun and water bomb we will provide you, your objective is to surprise the enemy team during their way to their next activity.


This challenge will give to you and your team more points for your Amazing Race!


No need to say that this challenge is the most liked by kids and young age children that are doing a Race with their family.

Water fight Bangkok

Amazing Race Water gun challenge

Water fight Bangkok

To sum up about this Amazing Race Water gun challenge that you will have to make between your activity of the day, it is a great way to relax between the activities, but also to recreate a local national event that means a lot for the locals!


Furthermore, achieving this funny challenge will give more points to your group at the end of the day! Amazing, isn’t it?  There is no reason for you to not complete it, it will give unbelievable memories and pictures!


This challenge is a perfect opportunity to have fun with your group of family or friends while discovering a new culture and Thai people’s habits, it is a great team building opportunity. It can be realized by groups of any size, of any type but also of all ages (especially youngers who will have a lot of fun with water gun in their hands!).

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