Nap challenge

Because everyone need a little rest!

Culture of Nap in Thailand


The culture and the behavior in Thailand are to be really relaxed, it can be really explained with local expressions, as “Jai yen yen” which mean to be calm to relax and not being in a hurry to do something.


It can also be through the expression “Sabai Sabai” it is a way to mean “take the life as it comes” this expression works for negative and positive situation and is more factual for older generation which tended to enjoy life and take it at slow pace. These expressions are implemented in Thai culture as they represent a lot of the local’s way of life, another expression that you will hear a lot in Thailand is “Mai pen rai” which means “It’s ok” or “don’t worry” to say that something is not a problem.


It fits perfectly with the other expression above as all of them means that you need to take life as it comes and do not feel bad about a situation as it will not last forever and most of all Mai pen rai!


With all those expression, you can understand that Thailand is a country with it’s own way of life and tradition, even if it can be surprising for a tourist, it is their daily lives.

Nap Challenge

Find the sleepers!



During your Amazing Race in Bangkok, you will have the opportunity to find the sleepers, it can be sellers in their shop or seller that are sleeping on their stand.



It is a way for them to be in shape throughout their working day.



Even if for tourist it is surprising, for locals and expats it is a habit to surprise seller and sales people during their afternoon’s nap!



The nap is something well implemented in the Thai culture, do not see any laziness or unprofessionalism in this behavior, it is a cultural way of life in Thailand. This is the way workers are in Thailand and you will have to respect this.

Nap Challenge

Do not wake them up for nothing!



In this challenge, if you decide to wake someone up, to buy something from their shop or for any other reason, you must do it on purpose, so you do not waste their time, they will be comprehensive if you wake up for a good reason, for example if you need an information or if you are going to buy something!


Try to not wake them up if it is only for fun.


You will just annoy people who are doing their work.



For example you can ask a moto taxi to give you a ride somewhere! 


This challenge is a good way to push you and your group to immerse yourself with the locals and to have a personal approach to the Thai culture.

Amazing adventure Bangkok

Amazing Race Nap challenge

Amazing adventure Bangkok


To sum up about this Amazing Race challenge that you will have to make between your activity of the day, it is a great way to get interaction with locals in their daily lives, to discover their kindness and how welcoming they are even if you if you just woke them up from their nap!


Achieving this funny challenge will give more points to your group at the end of the day! Amazing, isn’t it?  There is no reason for you to not complete it, it will give unbelievable memories and pictures!


This challenge is a perfect opportunity to have fun with your group of family or friends while discovering a new culture and Thai people’s habits, it is a great team building opportunity. It can be realized by groups of any size, of any type but also of all ages.

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