Fruit Carving

Are you ready to practice one of the oldest form of Thailand's art ?

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Fruit carving also known in Thailand as kae sa luk is an art and a tradition that stands through time in Thailand, it is a well-known and considered as a highly respected craft in Thai culture as it was used as an offering in Buddhist temples or at important ceremonies.


It requires neatness, precision, meditation, and personal ability. To begin with, it was taught to women of the royal court so that they could prepare decorations for the tables of the royal family.


As you can tell, teamwork is a main part fruit carving activity, as you need a lot of hands to be able to make many different and meticulous fruit decorations! Nowadays, the art is much more popular and can be learnt by students at school!


This art is mostly used for decorations all over the country.


Fruit carving is particularly popular during the period of Songkran or the Thai new year.

Fruit carving

Develop your creativity while having fun!


Fruit carving art can be developed from a variety of different types of fruits and even some vegetables, from mango to watermelon, cucumbers, and a lot more! Different types of fruit have different textures of flesh, so learning how much pressure and what type of knife to use for different fruits or different designs takes a lot of time but is extremely important in this art challenge!


This is an excellent way to exercise your creativity and learn a new manual skill – while you may not be used to fruit carving, using your hands in this activity is a great opportunity that will help you to develop other skills an get better at other types of art as well.


Of course, if you might practice this activity not to develop a skill, but only for its fun and relaxing aspect.


Fruit carving is the perfect activity if you are looking to develop tour creativity and will be perfect for any person of any age.

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About the fruit carving activity

This art challenge is fun, unique, and sure to test your individual and collective creativity and teamwork skills!


At the beginning of the activity, you will be provided with fruits and traditional knives that are used to realize Fruit carving. With instructors who will teach you about the traditional Fruit carving art, and then you will be able to try it yourself as teams!


This activity can be realized by anyone who wants to and is perfect to develop links between people as teamwork is an important aspect of the activity to realize the best work possible while having a lot of fun with your friends and family.


Moreover, it can be a real team building activity as the team aspect is very important and can be very useful in other aspects of a company’s life. It helps co-workers in the challenges that they may encounter in their work routines as well as in their projects.

But the activity also has a competitive aspect where everyone is trying to do his best to make the best fruit carving realization!

Fruit carving Bangkok

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Fruit carving Thailand

If you are looking for a fun way to immerse yourself in Thai culture, this a great option for you. You will be able to learn about one of Thailand’s oldest art forms in a relaxing and fun environment!


This activity can be adapted for any type of person and groups and of any age, you can have fun in this activity as  family and friends but also as co-workers !


You are interested? Do not hesitate to contact us to book your Fruit carving session right now!

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