Roses give away challenge

Interact with locals and triggers smiles around you !

Fun Night Tour


For your group activity, you can choose to set up daily activities, but you can also ask Amazing Adventure Bangkok’s Team to set up for you a Night Tour in Bangkok, with fun challenge (like this Roses Giveaway challenge) and activity, this night your will be designed for people who want to discover Bangkok and its amazing night life.


It is the perfect opportunity for you and your group to realize the Roses Giveaway challenge! 


You will have a wonderful night tour visiting the city on the shores of the river.


To finish this night tour perfectly you will have the opportunity to share a wonderful meal at the end of your day of activities, which will allow you to make a summary of your day but also to relax with your family and friends.


After that, do not hesitate to ask our team about to best places to enjoy the night!

Roses Giveaway challenge

Flower Market


To complete this challenge, you will need to follow the activities of the day of your Amazing Race, you will be able to find your flowers for others activities and challenge in the flower markets available in Bangkok, these activities and challenge are ideal because the flower market are very accessible in Bangkok, you can quickly find flower and roses that you will use in the Flower Bracelet activity or in this Rose Giveway that you will do during your Night Tour with your group of friend and family.


The game master will lead you during your path of the day at the Flower Market.


Once there, you will be able to buy roses and other type of flowers with your group. Theses flowers will allow you to complete the challenge.


The flower will be used for the Flower bracelet challenge that you will make beside and expert that will learn you about the culture and Thai way of life. You will have the opportunity to complete this activity during your Amazing Race!

Night Tour Bangkok

Trigger smiles from locals


In this challenge, you will be able to use the flowers you bought for your activity with our expert in another way, you will have to take this opportunity to offer these roses and flowers to people you will meet in the street of Bangkok, you will have to meet locals and make this giveaway of roses.


This challenge will help your team to win more points and will help you to integrate and talk with locals to know more about the culture and about the locals, you will have the chance to see how smiling and welcoming people are in Thailand.


With this challenge you will trigger smiles around you and at the same time improve your karma!



This challenge is ideal for corporate who will spend time together for this day of activity and will develop confidence by taking to strangers.

Roses Giveaway challenge

Amazing Race Roses Giveaway Challenge

Night Tour Bangkok


To sum up about this Amazing Roses Giveaway challenge that you will have to make between your activity of the day, it is a great way to relax between the activities, but also to interact with local s and to spread good energy around you!


Furthermore, achieving this funny challenge will give more points to your group at the end of the day! Amazing, isn’t it?  There is no reason for you to not complete it, it will give unbelievable memories and pictures!



This challenge is a perfect opportunity to have fun with your group of family or friends while discovering about the Thai culture, it is a great team building opportunity. It can be realized by groups of any size, of any type but also of all ages!

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