Moto taxi challenge!

Become a moto-taxi for a minute and get your own clients!



The motorcycle taxi (มอเตอร์ไซค์รับจ้าง (motor-sai rap chang) or วินมอเตอร์ไซค์ (Vin Motor-sai) in Thai) is well known as one of the most popular mode of transportation in Thailand. Whether you are in the center of Bangkok or out in the countryside, there are usually motorcycle taxis available all over the country.


They are especially popular for short trips in Bangkok, where they can zip through the traffic and take routes down small sois that larger vehicles are not usually able to reach. Whether you have lived in Bangkok for while or even if you are just visiting, we are sure you will be taking a motorcycle ride at least once! Even if you have not been on one yet, we are sure you have come across a moto taxi photo at some point in your life.


The best way to recognize a moto taxi is by their jackets that they wear which are of different color according to the areas in which they are! Make sure you do not miss them!

Moto Taxi



Ever wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of a moto taxi driver? This funny challenge will gives you the perfect opportunity to find out!


This challenge will give you the opportunity to talk to the P’win or motorcycle drivers, and see what it’s like to live a day in the life of a motorcycle taxi driver! You will borrow a driver’s jacket and give rides to people. This is a funny challenge that will give you the chance to interact with the local people and have a fun time with your group as well as with the drivers. Get a moto taxi picture to finish off this fun activity.


Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to learn a little more about Thai culture by interacting directly with locals and enjoy a fun afternoon with tour group doing something that you would not normally think of! This is a unique activity that is well suited for adult groups of friends or teambuilding activities. It gives your group the perfect opportunity to take part in a funny challenge and have a new experience together.

Moto Taxi




While tourists usually opt for a motorbike rental in Bangkok, locals and expats prefer the convenient services of the moto taxis that can be found anywhere in Bangkok.


This challenge can be done in different place, it can be in the heart of Bangkok with all the life it has, but it can also be in the area surrounding the city with less passage, but with locals still smiling and welcoming.


It is the perfect moment to immerse yourself with locals!



The real challenge in this activity is to being understood by the moto Taxi as you will have to ask him his jacket and pretend to be a moto taxi for fun and take a picture with him!

Amazing adventure Bangkok


Amazing adventure Bangkok


To sum up about this challenge that you will have to make between your activity of the day, it is a great way to get interaction with locals in their daily lives, to discover their kindness and how welcoming they are.


Achieving this funny challenge will give more points to your group at the end of the day! Amazing, isn’t it?  There is no reason for you to not complete it, it will give unbelievable memories and pictures!


This challenge is a perfect opportunity to have fun with your group of family or friends, it is a great team building opportunity. It can be realized by adult groups of any size and any type.

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