Kiss the fish

Who will dare to try to kiss the fish in this emblematic place?



Have you ever heard of the Chatuchak market? It is actually the biggest market in Thailand, there is actually more than fifteen thousand stalls and more than ten thousand of sellers.


You can find everything in this market, in effect, you can find a lot of different things to buy, it can be plants, cosmetics, drinks, ceramics, furniture, clothing, books but what will be in our interest is the food, you can find fresh and dry food. You can find there the most fresh fish you’ll ever see as some of them are still alive in some fish tank!


With this challenge you will have to find a fish seller in this gigantic market with all the products which are proposed on all these stalls.


Trying to explain your challenge to the seller and see the Thai culture through the whole market and the people who pass through it.


This market is a must see in Thailand as it is one of the unique opportunities in your life that you will have to visit a market of this size in the world!

Kiss the fish



This challenge is perfect for any group (for example family and friends) of any size and of any ages, it can also bring fun in your team building activity.


It will be for sure one of the funniest moments of your trip in Thailand!


It will be the perfect opportunity to laugh with your team and creating amazing memories with perfect picture of a person of your group who will kiss the fish!


It is the perfect chance for you and your group to strengthen link between people during this challenge.


It is also a great way to develop the team building in your company with a day of activities with your co-workers!

Kiss the fish



This challenge is an opportunity for you and your group to get bonus point for your amazing race!


One challenge can give you the victory!


Those challenge are a real plus in this race as they allow to you and your group to relax and get out of the competition by achieving fun and different objectives from the basic activities.


Generally, these challenges are to be realized by coming into contact with the locals, by interacting with the culture of the country and Bangkok, which will allow you and your team to create memories and spend good times.


Simply put, these challenges are a little break gave to your group when you will have the opportunity to integrate the Thai culture by realizing this challenge while having fun, but it will also bring you more points for your amazing race day!

Amazing adventure Bangkok


Amazing adventure Bangkok

This challenge is all about guts and daring, you will have to kiss the fish which is a funny thing, but not everybody can dare to do it, it will be your job to take your courage with both hands and realize this fun challenge.


It is a perfect challenge to do if you have the opportunity as it will bring a lot of humor and good vibes to your group, and this will also allow to you and your group of family and friends (or even coworkers) to take a short break to visit the Chatuchak Market which is an iconic place in Thailand, and all of this without being in the rush of the Amazing Race.


If you are interested in preparing a day of activity, do not hesitate and contact us right now!

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