Are you ready for the Amazing
Adventure in Bangkok?

Discover Bangkok and the Thai culture through a fun treasure  hunting game, with Amazing Adventure Bangkok!

Join us to track Bangkok together !


The best option for cultural related team building events: Team cohesion, competition, brainstorming and team spirit will be need to win the race!


You think Bangkok and the Thai culture doesn't have any secret for you? Embark in a new adventure with your friends and family for a fun day full of surprises!


Want to get out of the classic tourist factories to discover the real local life, interact with locals, learn Thai activities directly from them in a fun atmosphere?


A giant treasure hunt for your kids birthday? We customize our treasure hunt on demand with the right dose of cultural, intellectual, sport and team spirit challenges!

A unique experience

Learn Thai culture

Learn about Thai boxing, Thai dancing, Thai cooking and much more, under the supervision of local experts for each discipline.

Interact with locals

Interact with locals throughout the race with our fun challenges, quizzes, and to find your way in the city of Angels.

Fun treasure hunt

Thanks to our fun challenges and our friendly animation team, our make focus is tom kae sure each participant have the fun of one's life!

Ideal for team building

Our races appeal to team cohesion, team strategy and team communication through competitive challenges.

Visit local spots

Get our of the beaten path to explore hidden gems and local spots Bangkok has to offer. Have you ever had a Papaya salad cooking class in the vicinity of an amazing temple?

Safety first

Safety is one of our priority. We follow all Covid health procedures, we provide all security equipment (Life jackets for boat, helmet for bicycles, etc), with first aid kids and onsite nurses on demand for big events

Kids Friendly

Our races are family friendly and are packed with kids friendly challenges and activities. We also design a treasure hunt especially for kids' birthday and school outings!

Thematic trails for all!

Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a multitude of different trails to match with your requirements.


Our gastronomic and cultural trails are ideal for tourists and expats who wants to learn all the secret of the Thai culture and gastronomy.


Our ultimate trail has been especially designed for team building events and gather the best challenges offered on the other trails.


For your kid’s birthday party, embark the little crew on an adventurous treasure hunt in Bangkok!

Amazing Adventure Bangkok
Papaya Salad

Gastronomic trail

Learn every aspect of the Thai gastronomic culture by buying ingredient in a local market, cooking in a breathtaking temple under the supervision of a local Thai chef, learn the secret of fruit carving, spoil your palate with our blind fold testing challenge and learn how to order your favorite Thai dish in Thai phonetic!

Thai food will have no secret for you after this one in a lifetime fun experience!

Cultural trail

The best tour to learn the secrets of Thai culture, only with Amazing Adventure Bangkok!


Thai craft, Thai food, Hidden temples, Thai dancing, exploring the little canals (Klongs) and much more are awaiting for you during this fun and cultural adventure in Bangkok!

Ultimate trail

The best adventure for team building and corporate events! We simply gather the best challenges of the other trails to offer a full day adventure based on team cohesion and team spirit. 


We combined these challenges with the best local spots and best itinerary to offer our guests a full experience during this fun day with our professional animation team!

Night trail

The night tour is ideal for team building and corporate events or any group who wants to finish with a fun dinner and drinks on the Chaopraya river.


Participants will take part in Thai dancing and Thai crafting activities in front of an amazing temple surrounded by the river, take our flower market challenges and end up with a cocktail class and a singing and dancing session with our live band group!

Sport trail

Are you familiar with Thai sport? Looking for a sport tour of the most famous Thai sports?


With Amazing Adventure Bangkok, challenge your family, friends and colleagues in this fun yet challenging day at Thai boxing, Petanque, Sepak Taklaw and much more!

Thai Boxing

Kids trail

Looking for a fun original outdoor idea to celebrate your kids birthday party?

Let your kids take part in a giant treasure hunt in Bangkok with intellectual, cultural, sport and team challenges to spend a fun day off the screens, with Amazng Adventure Bangkok. 


Check our ‘Kids amazing race” and ”teen amazing race” for more details!

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