Tempole Skeleton challenge

Which team will find the hidden temple Skeleton first?

Visits Amazing places and temple.


Thailand is full of beautiful places and beautiful Buddhist temples which are recognizable thanks to their decorations and architectures;


these temples are called have different “Wat” in Thai each of these temples are life place for monks and their community who can perpetuate their religious traditions.


During the visit of those temples, tourist can make religious offers. Some temples are also used when people want to be incinerated once they die.


There are thousands of Temples in Thailand scattered throughout the country, it represents a large part of the country’s religious and cultural heritage.


During your Amazing race you will have the chance to visit some of those temples near and in Bangkok!

Temple Skeleton

Find the Skeleton in the temple!



This challenge is based on the fact that you will visit temples and have a “scavenger hunt” side, which means that you will have to find the “treasure” which is here the skeleton placed somewhere in the temple.



Furthermore, you will be visiting the temple with your group of friend and family, and you will have to find the mythic skeleton of the temple to take a picture with him.



To find it, you will have the opportunity to ask the monks and people who are in the temple, it is a great way to integrate Thai culture and to interact with Locals and mostly with monks who lives as a community in the temple!

Temple Skeleton

Take your best Wai with the Skeleton

Wai in Thailand is a physique posture made with your hand (basically when you join them in front of your chest with the palms pressed together and pointing upward. This posture is a way to apologize, in the Thai culture, a person should never wai to someone younger than himself, except in response to another wai.

This is a sign of respect which is really often used in Thai culture it can express gratitude but also excuses, or apologies.


If you wai at someone, if the person has its hands busy, the person has to make a physical effort that shows that he pays you respect through the wai the person can’t do actually.


The skeleton is placed on a manner that he does a wai, you will have the opportunity to take a picture with him while doing this sign, it’s a great way to keep good memories with picture of you and your group in literally the heart of Thailand’s culture, as you will be in a Buddhist Temple in Bangkok reproducing the most known hand sign of the country and its culture surrounded by locals monks who will love to share their culture with you and your group!

Amazing adventure Bangkok

Amazing Race Temple Skeleton challenge

Amazing adventure Bangkok


To sum up about this Amazing Race Skeleton challenge that you will have to make between your activity of the day, it is a great way to get interaction with locals and especially monks I their daily lives, to discover their kindness and how welcoming they are in their beautiful places likes the temples.


Achieving this funny challenge will give more points to your group at the end of the day! Amazing, isn’t it?  There is no reason for you to not complete it, it will give unbelievable memories and pictures!


This challenge is a perfect opportunity to have fun with your group of family or friends while discovering a new culture and Thai people’s habits, it is a great team building opportunity. It can be realized by groups of any size, of any type but also of all ages.

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