River canals

Explore Bangkok like locals with the river canals!

Bangkok River canals

Bangkok river canals are understood to be back to the founding city in 1782 and were the only means of transportation and also as a source of food and water, which is taken as part of ceremonies such as Loi Krathong and many other entertaining activities. This incident became very important as very important structures such as a market and temples were built on the canal banks. Bangkok River canals on the east river are few and far between, the canals on the west side in Thonburi still form quite an extensive festival. The tourist might still experience a smaller and more authentic floating market and temples that face the canal. But to get to the canal, one might as well hire a boat. The canals hold a deep heritage and significance in the capital city of Bangkok city.

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River canals or ‘’Klongs’’


River Canals or Klongs are divided into three most central and historically significant places that tourists will have to explore.


These are Klong Saen Saeb; this canal is in the centre of the city, Klong Phadung, Krunf Kasem; this is one of the original canals around the Grand Palace and Thonburi, which is the neighbourhood on the west side of Chao Praya.


All these canals are near each other for a a great experience to explore in one day.

Explore Bangkok klongs


Explore Bangkok Klongs is a good way to start your day in the busy city of Bangkok.


It is about 18-km sailing of the Klong Saen Saeb, which is serviced by the public motorboat as it moves through the centre of the city, making this journey more convenient for shopping and sightseeing.


For more exploring the Bangkok Klong, catch a boat during the morning rush hour, many people, both locals and foreigners, use it as a means of getting to the city.

Bangkok klongs tour


Bangkok Klongs tour is a great place to visit while in Bangkok, so your tour could be complete with experiencing its authentic canals, which are Klongs. Our team suggests one of the best ways to do it is by allowing us to get a private long-tails boat Bangkok Canal tour. We have different canals you can explore. It all depends on which one you choose. Klong Saen Saeb is busy canals in Bangkok’s centre.


This particular canal served the public motorboat, and if you allow our team the time to explore with you and your family. You shall find everything here from the street markets to design shopping and also street food and modern cafes.

Cross the Chaopraya River for your next challenges

Cross the Chaopraya river for your next challenges, first by taking a long-tail boat on the river from a pier near the Grand Palace, which will allow us to explore the Canals of Thonburi. This particular area is the west Chao Phraya River, which is well-known as Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. The challenge is to allow you to follow the path of the oldest area of Bangkok and explore it like taking a journey back to Bangkok’s past.

Explore hidden klongs like a local

Explore hidden Klongs as a local is very easy as long as we arrange your trip. First, we start our canal tour by jumping on a long-tail boat at the Tha Tien pier. We then can sail to Klong Bangkok Yai, Klomg Mon and end at Wat Arun which is also known as Khun Mae Pueak cross river ferry pier. During our trip, we can visit places like the Royal Thai Barge Museum, an orchid farm and on the weekend we can visit the Talking Chan floating market; this market is one of the most authentic markets of Bangkok where vendors cook fresh seafood directly on the boats.

amazing race by river klongs

Amazing race by river Klongs is a great experience especially for companies team building and a group of friends who want to experience driving or sail  within this Klongs River, we can charter two boats for the amazing race between two teams by the river Klongs. The first team to arrive at the destination where we planned the trip to finish wins the race,  and we will also provide some hidden games for teams to find during the race. This is to make the race more fun by stopping to get something along the river side, so all teams can have energy to participate in the race.

This particular canal served the public motorboat, and if you allow our team the time to explore with you and your family. You shall find everything here from the street markets to design shopping and also street food and modern cafes.

Best Bangkok river canals tour


Best Bangkok river canals tour is the best our services can offer to our guests and makes them feel much more comfortable and even recommend more people to us.


We treat our guests as family. Taking through the canals of the old part of Bangkok can show you and your family a very different part of the city. Very close and yet a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets in the city center of Bangkok.


We give the best private long-tail boats and make sure that your satisfaction is our top priority.

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