Amazing race by local bus

Travel like locals and save budget to win some extra points!

Local bus

Amazing Adventure invites you to feel the heartbeat of Bangkok, one of the most famous Asian cities.


One of the means of transportation that you can use for the race is the local bus, it is convivial and cheap, and most all, it shows you a new way of seeing Bangkok by putting you at the same place as a local citizen and show you the real Bangkok, a lively and beautiful city.


The fact that you can or win or not by using the buses is entirely up to your judgement, but rest assured about the buses because you are sure in the end to save some money and win some points for the amazing race.

local Thai bus

Why local buses?

Local buses until now remain the main mode of public transportation in Bangkok.


Mass rapid transit lines are still developing, and there is 30 or 40 kilometers between BTS or MRT system and some capital’s districts.


That is why Bangkokians use public buses on everyday basis. There are several purposes of choosing a local bus for local people.


Bus routes in Bangkok are long; they can last for 50 kilometers. So, in many cases local people can go to work, or return home using only one bus without any transfer (or doing maximum one transfer); and it is the same for you. It is also very cheap so if you are a local or a tourist, you can save some money.

Amazing adventure bus

Interact with locals

Are you familiar with Bangkok? Well, it does not matter; Indeed, another point of our Bangkok amazing race is that you will have to interact with the locals of Bangkok. Why? It is because at a certain point in the race, there will be questions that you cannot answer to unless you ask the help of some locals.


And we said it earlier, even if you think that you are some sort of Bangkok specialist and that you know enough about Bangkok to easily pass the test, trust us, you will need the help of the locals to answer some our questions.


Of course, we will be helping you communicating with them so worry not and go show us your social skills.

local bus tourism

Save from budget to make extra points

Using a local bus is a way to take the cheapest excursion tour ever, indeed, for as little as for 8 baht you can see real Bangkok life along with many popular tourist attractions (here to give you an idea) !


Also, the local buses are much cheaper than mass rapid transit line systems, even a ride in an air-conditioned bus will cost to a passenger maximum 25 baht, meanwhile, travelling by BTS or MRT can cost more than 100 baht one-way (especially if there is a need to change lines).


You cannot go wrong with the bus; it is the cheapest mean of transportation that can take your whole team (not every time) for a tour.

Amazing adventure local bus

Amazing race by local bus

Local bus Bangkok

Travelling by local bus is an interesting experience for tourists, too.


First, such a travelling is a real adventure tour; sometimes, bus drivers behave themselves like a “Formula One” drivers.


Secondly, it is a unique opportunity to see life of a big city from the inside, to feel how the heart of Bangkok beats.


Finally, you can join one of the teams and take part in a treasure hunt – it is popular in Bangkok, too. Choose any type of local bus (old-fashioned one that have only fans, and its windows are open, or new air-conditioned bus with permanently closed windows) and enjoy your travelling across the Bangkok.

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