Amazing Adventure FAQ

1Who can participate in the Amazing Adventure?

The amazing Adventure is suitable for anyone looking for fun, challenge and competition while discovering Bangkok from a different angle.

It is designed for all ages from 10 years old and does not advantage neither males nor females.

All races are not physically demanding (except the sport trail) so absolutely everyone can play as you can choose from a large range of races. You can also define your level of difficulty, which makes it even more suitable to anyone.

2Where do the races and challenges take place?

The game takes place in the vibrant center of Bangkok.

You will get to see some of the most famous places but also some others you wouldn’t have seen by yourself.

We ensure you a breathtaking experience in our favorite spots.

3Is there anything I need to bring for the game?

You must only make sure you are wearing clothes accordingly to the weather and we provide a camera per team, rain coats, bags, caps, water, with of course our experienced and fun game masters.

We recommend to wear a t-shirt (or long-sleeved shirt), shorts and sneakers. We also recommend to bring spare clothing.

Otherwise, just come ready to enjoy a fun experience!

4How long does a race last?

The duration of a race depends on the trail and the level of difficulty. Generally, it last for approximately 4 hours:

  • 20 minutes - Intro, ice-breaker, rules
  • 2.30 - 5 hours - Game
  • 30 minutes - Wrap-up, awarding of the winners, enjoy a free drink
5What is the minimum number of players required for the game?

We require a minimum of 4 pax for gastro and cultural and 10 pax for sport and ultimate to ensure the game will be challenging and entertaining.

6How to book a race?

You can book directly online by filling in the booking form, call us at +66(0)95-730-2064, or write us an email at info@amazingadventurebangkok.com.