The Ultimate Trail

The Ultimate Race

AMAZING ADVENTURE BANGKOK is well known for its races such as The Cultural Trail where you will learn a lot about Bangkok, The Gastronomic Trail is for the lovers of Thai dishes.

A Combination of Various Trails

The Sports Trail which required lot of energy, The Ultimate Trail is a mix of the best part of the three trails above. Also, the BTS trail and Bazar trail make you feel like a real Thailand resident. We decided to gather all the most popular challenge in one trail and we named it the Ultimate Trail.

A Collection of Best Challenges

This race gather the best challenges from all our other races. A fun spin off Thai cooking classes, Thai boxing initiation, cultural Thai dancing lessons, and Thai massage classes. This is our best and most complete trail to learn about Thai culture. This trail has it all from food to markets to sport while having fun and competing against the other team. You will explore local market, cook Thai specialities, go through an initiation of Muay thai (Thai Boxing), face our beautiful Thai dancing master and learn from her. To eventually finish the day with a Thai massage and enjoy the blissfulness of their knowledge of the human body in Bangkok’s exclusive botanical gardens. This has an amazing view of Thai natural environment, complete with a lake and local wild flowers.

Unique Means of Having Fun

The participants will also have the chance to enjoy and try several means of transportation in Bangkok like tuk tuk, boat, bicycle & more, to move from one challenges to another!

An Unusual Way to Discover Bangkok

This trail is not the usual tourist trail that everyone does, this trail is a special one away from any main stream channel. Which will allow you to discover the real Bangkok, the one that normally remains hidden.

So if you’re looking for a fun time and want to immerse yourself in the thai culture for one day travel, then don’t look any further, our Ultimate trail has it all!

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