The Teen Race

The Teen Race

Teens Trails - The Perfect Race For Everyone!

Ages: 12 and 17

Location: Bangkok

Are you a teenager looking for a daring adventure? Or a parent looking for the perfect activity with your teenager? If you are, then make sure to get your sneakers ready and prepare yourself for an amazing adventure of a lifetime! Get ready to get blown away because this is a perfect way to stay active and explore one of the most interesting cities in the world.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect teenage birthday party, or are new to Bangkok and think you already know it. Come with us and let us show you a different type of experience! The discovery of Bangkok never truly ends.

Amazing Adventure Bangkok was designed to help you explore and discover the outstanding hidden places and treasures of the city you wouldn’t be able to find on any map or guide. The perfect outdoor activities in Bangkok are waiting to be discover!

We have up to 10 different challenges to choose from, each with their own unique aspect perfect for teens and adults looking for activities to do together.

Meet us at 10 AM in Khlong toei nok pier to sail off in a local Thai boat for a ride you will always remember. Then we move on to learning traditional Muay Thai with a real Muay Thai professional wrestler, be prepared to experience an authentic and unique experience.

After Muay Thai you are sure to have built up an appetite. What’s better than discovering Bangkok then through your taste buds? Come and discover with us the deliciousness of Thailand through our gastronomy exploration. Taste and dare to try new Thai flavors by guessing the ingredients and challenge your pallet to the spicy Thai way.

Afterwards, go cycling and enjoy even more amazing food by having a delicious picnic in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Bangkok.

After a well-deserved rest let’s continue the afternoon with some playful activities. Your next master is waiting for you, this Thai dancer will have your hips moving along with traditional Thai music. Stay focused because despite her smile and grace, she won't hesitate to challenge you to a dance battle!

Our next stop will require some bravery! If you want to find the next clue then cover your eyes and dare to put your hand in a mysterious jar, the true adventurer in you is sure to come out.

Is the force strong in this one, young Jedi? Keep your self-control and keep focused, the champion’s quiz challenge is next. May the best of them win!

We then move to our next challenge that will require more physical than mental strength. This activity will require all of your upper body strength, with a high focus on the arms.

Have your arms had enough of a work out yet? Well don't rest for too long its time to put your legs to work. But not your 2 legs… Get ready for a 3-legged race!!

As the day comes to an end make sure to stay alert because this is the moment where you need to gather into team and decipher all the clues you got during the day.

The treasure is not far! So, who will be the fastest team? Who has a the soul of a pirate Who is ready for an amazing adventure???

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Best time to beat:

3h 34m