The Sport Trail

The Sport Trail

Looking for a sporty tour of Bangkok? This trail will take you through the most popular sports widespread in Thailand. From beginners to professionals, this route promises a day full of fun and challenges. Unlike the other trails, both teams will compete against each other in real time under the supervision of local experts of each discipline.

A VIP Air Cond minivan will bring you from amazing spot to another to save your energy on the sport challenges. This race will take the whole day and a picnic in a wonderful botanic garden is included in the tour.

In 1933, during her long stay in Switzerland, Princess Srinagarindra was introduced to petanque and kept practicing until her 90s. In the 1970’s she introduced petanque into Thailand, especially in public schools, police, army and civil services. With more than 80,000 competitive petanque players, Thailand is now the petanque world champion, followed closely by France and Laos. Come and enjoy this widespread Thai sport, with local professionals, on a nice court in the shadow of the big trees.

Muay Thai, usually referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs” is a physical and mental discipline widespread in Thailand and now all over the world. As you might know, this is the most notorious sport in Thailand, and definitely something to try during your stay here. Muay Thai usually required a lot of training before any professional would let you wear the gloves and get into the ring. During this trail, you will be given a fun initiation, under the supervision of professional Thai boxers, which will give you a good taste of this famous Thai sport without having to pass through the tough training professional boxers have to go through. In a real boxing ring, with experts of the discipline, in a friendly environment, put on your gloves and challenge your friends and colleagues during this entertaining day.

Taklaw or kick volleyball is one of the most famous Thai sport, using a rattan ball that players can touch only with their feet, chest, knee, shoulder and head, with a ‘’badminton size’’ net separating both teams. Nowadays, taklaw can be considered as an art, very beautiful to watch. Under the supervision of our proficient taklaw locals, learn the secret of this legendary Thai sport during our fun initiation in a beautiful park around a lake. Even first timers will find their happiness!

Get yourself ready to try Muay Thai, Taklor, Petanque, bicycle ride in an amazing park and even more, in a friendly atmosphere. In the meantime, many surprising challenges will add some fun to your sportive journey.

Learn the basics to impress your friends and be the champion of the day!

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