The Kid Race

The Kid Race

AMAZING ADVENTURE BANGKOK is well known for its races such as the cultural trail where you will learn a lot about Bangkok, the Gastronomic trail is for the lovers of Thai dishes.

The sport trail which required lot of energy, The Ultimate Trail is a mix of the best part of the three trails above. Finally the BTS trail and Bazar trail make you feel like a real Thailand local.

Now we are proud to present you with the perfect trail for kids. What better way to keep the kids entertain than having their very own amazing adventure trail?

his trail has been designed just for them! If you have kids between the ages of 7 and 11 bring them along to discover Bangkok like you have never seen it before.

This is the perfect child's party and is sure to exceed all of your expectations! All the trail are about playing games, bowling, ambassador, tag game, roll pin eggs trail, and Olympiad’s.

The winner team will receive a trophy and all snacks are provided.

This trail is the perfect plan to give the best birthday party ever. Do not stress yourself about the planning, we will handle everything for you. Our team will be here to ensure the security of every participant of the trail, and we will go the extra length for the safety of your kids.

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Best score to beat:


Best time to beat:

2h 39m