The Cultural Trail

The Cultural Trail

Whether this is your first time to Bangkok or you’ve been here before, the Cultural Trail is a perfect way to learn about the real Thai culture. If you want to experience Bangkok the way local Thai people do, then the Cultural Trail is just right for you. Escape from the hustle bustle of the tourist spots and immerse yourself in the typical Bangkok lifestyle and culture.

The Challenges that you will encounter along the Cultural Trail are educational, entertaining, exciting and more fun than you ever imagined visiting Bangkok could be. We offer challenges suited for every type of fun-loving, adventure seeking tourists, singles, couples, families, children and seniors.

First, the traditional dances of Thailand, ‘’Khon’’, ‘’Lakhon’’ and ‘’Fawn Thai’’, were once reserved only for royalty. Every part of the opulent costumes and make up has a special meaning and every elegant movement symbolizes a part of the story being told. You'll learn some of the movements from authentic, traditional Thai dancers. Here, the most graceful performance wins the Thai Dance Challenge.

Then, hidden from the famous touristic spots, there is an ancient temple atop a mount in Bangkok. This historic Buddhist shrine is nestled right in the middle of modern day Bangkok, yet most people are not familiar with this temple. Once you discover it, you will be able to pay your respects to this symbol of the richness of Thailand history. Be the first to find this hidden treasure and you’ll win the Temple Challenge.

More than a tour of Bangkok

Know the difference between a Kaffir Lime and a regular lime? Ever seen what lemon grass looks like before it lends its unique flavor to Thai cuisine? How about Pandan leaves before they’re stuffed with chicken? Learn to recognize the flavors of ingredients like Galanga, Turmeric and Rambutan that are in the foods you love to eat. Recognize the ingredient of tipical Thai dishes and make the best tasting dessert, like ‘’Saku Saikai’’ or ‘’Khao Nieow Ma Muang’’ to win this challenge.

Finally you’ll learn the special skills required to make genuine Thai crafts. This are lessons that get handed down from one generation to the next. Now, you can learn from the artisans, themselves, who use ancient traditions to handcraft today’s elegant Thai craftwork, such as silk-weaving, ceramics and jewelry making. If you design and make the nicest traditional Thai “floral bracelet,” you’ll be the winner of the Crafts Challenge.

The best part of the Cultural Trail Challenges? Everyone is a winner!

The Cultural Trail is especially well suited for Corporate and Group team building. Challenges can be customized specifically to match the requirements of your group.

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