Rules / Concept

Discover Bangkok through a hunting game activity!

The games of The Amazing Adventure Activities take place in the streets, parks, temples and hidden spots of the crazy city of Bangkok that you will discover from a different angle. Divided into teams, participants will have to find the clue to riddles in order to complete the tour and explore different areas of Bangkok.

All Bangkok tours will provide you with the best possible experience of Thai food, muay thai lesson or bazaar's atomosphere. 

Individual tasks will be given to teams and you will have to use your creativity, competitiveness and orientation skills in order to fulfill them and fully enjoy your Bangkok tour.

You will walk through famous, but also hidden streets to solve the challenges. Be prepared to answer carefully prepared questions, take the best pictures and perform different tasks as rapidly as possible in competition with the other teams within your group. 

Under the supervision of our brilliant game masters and the local expert of each discipline, get under the skin of Thai people and be the actor of your own trip for one day during your food ,team building or sport tour. 

Five outdoor games are currently displayed in Bangkok. They are mostly designed for adults but we also offer adventures that keep the entire family in mind. Even your kids will have a Bangkok experience that they will never forget!

Our Crew speaks English, Thai and French.


The Concept: Live adventure game in Bangkok.

When: Everyday.

For Who: Everybody - From 4 to 250 people.

Who is the winner?

You will have 5 compulsory challenges by trail and a lot of bonus challenges to accomplish between each required challenge. We also have a fun quiz for each race, which will make you learn about the theme of your race.

We designed a grading system (over 300 point), based on:

Your skills to accomplish the compulsory challenges (judged by each local expert)

The time you take to finish the race

The saving you can make on the provided nominal budget

The bonus challenges accomplished

The good answer of your quiz

And of course…

Your team spirit!

We can arrange our trails for 2, 3 or more teams, the winning team being the one ending with most points but we also promise a lot of fun if you are a single team, your ultimate goal being to beat the best score currently displayed on our website.

Your journey through Bangkok

  • Meeting Point

    Meeting the group at the designed meeting point (different for each race) where you’ll receive instructions, the kits (maps, clues, equipment) and dive into your team (20 min).
  • Hunting

    Treasure hunt in the amazing town of Bangkok (3 to 6 hours).
  • Finishing point

    Wrap-up at the place indicated by our guides and enjoy a free drink in a relaxed atmosphere (20 min).
  • Awards

    We’ve got some awards for the winners (and the losers)!
We ensure very much fun and loads of laughs throughout our games.

What we provide

Everything you need is provided. So you don't have to worry about anything.

During your trail, we will provide you with:

1 skillful game master per team
Set up and designs of the trails
Water bottles, raincoats and caps
1 camera per team
Transportation budget for the whole excursion
Budget covering all expenses during the race
All equipment required for the event
Soft drinks in an air conditioned place for the awards
Gifts & trophy for the winners (and losers!)
A loads of fun and laughs!

Our team

The hunting games of The Amazing Adventure are organized by a team who’s in charge of the creation of the games, and the organization of events.

The animation team is in charge of the welcoming and accompaniment of our gamers throughout the challenge.

Our staff is multilingual and above all, fluent in English (other languages available on demand). Therefore wherever you come from, you are more than welcome to spend a memorable time with us!

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