Bangkok Amazing Boat Race : The River Sprint Challenge

Unleash Team Spirit through this new exciting adventure

Thrills on the Water: The Essence of Adventure

The Bangkok Amazing Boat Race offers a thrilling escapade, combining speed, strategy, and teamwork across Bangkok’s bustling waterways. This race transcends mere competition, inviting teams to navigate through the city’s vibrant heart, where each turn brings new challenges and unforgettable moments. Beyond the adrenaline rush, it fosters unity and offers a deep dive into Bangkok’s rich cultural tapestry. Participants encounter the city’s scenic beauty and warm hospitality, making this adventure an ideal blend of excitement, team spirit, and cultural exploration. With safety as a priority, it promises an exhilarating yet secure experience for everyone involved.

Breathe in the Culture: Venturing Beyond the City

Amzing Bangkok's river race

Step away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s city center and immerse yourself in the tranquility of its surrounding waters. This part of the race offers teams a chance to refresh and recharge, all while soaking in the scenic beauty and fresh air of Thailand’s enchanting landscapes.

Originality on Board: Challenges and Discoveries

The Bangkok Amazing Boat Race is not just a race; it’s a journey filled with unique challenges and opportunities to explore Thai culture. From the adrenaline of competition to the serenity of the journey, participants will find themselves navigating through exciting tasks while ensuring safety under our vigilant supervision. This experience is a perfect blend of thrill and tranquility, designed to showcase the beauty and spirit of Bangkok and Thailand.

Bangkok Amazing Boat Race Tai Chi Class

Unity and Strategy: The Path to Victory

In the heart of the Bangkok Amazing Boat Race, teamwork takes on a new meaning. Each team, aboard their boat, will face a series of challenges designed to foster unity, strategic thinking, and respect for the local culture. From engaging with monks and local communities to completing tasks that immerse them in Thai traditions, teams must work together to collect points and strive for victory, all while experiencing the richness of Thailand’s culture and people.

Bangkok Amazing Boat Race

A Journey Through Bangkok's Heart

Follow our Itinerary thinking designed for you

Start: Dive into the bustling atmosphere of a floating market.

Next Stops: Visit a local pear shop, interact at a magnificent temple, participate in a Tai Chi class, and savor homemade Thai food.

Further Adventures: Experience Thai artwork at a homestay and coffee spot, engage in a traditional cooking class, and explore an Orchid farm to create wind chimes or hanging potted plants.

The Finish Line: Conclude the race in a vibrant Thai food court, where a fun and lively atmosphere awaits, along with a minivan to take participants back.

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Conveniently Located: Ideal for MICE Tourism

The Bangkok Amazing Boat Race offers unparalleled convenience, located just 20 minutes by minivan from key hotels along the Shao Praya River. This strategic partnership with premier hotels like Avani+ Riverside Bangkok, Anantara Riverside Bangkok, and others makes the race an ideal choice for MICE tourism, providing easy access to an unforgettable team-building experience.

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Commitment to Memorable Experiences:

The Bangkok River Sprint Challenge exemplifies our dedication to excellence, offering participants a rich blend of challenges, cultural immersion, and lasting memories.

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