When can I do it again? Amazing people and great fun as promised. I recommend it to any traveler who is going to Bangkok. You’ll learn a lot in a short time and above all have a great time with those wonderful people.

Hilde, The Netherlands - 5 April 2016 - The BTS Trail

Thank you very much, AAB for a fabulous Friday, introducing me to petanque, "golf" & muay Thai, at "typically local" spots around town. I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing, action-packed adventure tour! :)

ลิน ดา, Thailand - 11 March 2016 - The Sport Trail

Amazing experience, we didn't really know what to expect for this Amazing Adventure and we were very impressed by the organization and the quality of the different activities. From the boat trip to the cooking class we really discovered Bangkok from another angle. Thumbs up to the organizers and I wish to be able to do a new adventure soon. I highly recommend this activities for groups or even families, this is a really nice way to spend a fun day.

Nicolas Monges, France - 20 February 2016 - The gastronomic trail

So interesting. One of the hidden aspects of culture which we would have never known. It is always a treat to see a behind-the-scenes.

Ashley, Canada - 05 February 2016 - The Cultural Trail

Thank you very much to all Amazing Adventure's team, for the Sport Trail. You realized a good mix with sport, fun and people. It was nice to discover new places in Bangkok too, even after living here for few years. Keep the spirit guys!

Pierre-Victor Lienhardt, France - 25 January 2016 - The Sport Trail

Every sight was worth it to discover! I think I have to do it again and try another challenge one day.

Franz, Germany - 10 January 2016 - The Bazaar Trail

Thank you for this amazing afternoon. A new way to visit Bangkok with a great team and organization. I will try another trail once I come back to Bangkok and I strongly advise it to everyone who is looking for something new and different from the traditional tours in Bangkok!

Nicolas Gallon, France - 15 December 2015 - The Cultural Trail

One of the best touristic tours I’ve ever made! Worth every baht. Thanks for this unforgettable afternoon. Fully recommended.

Rachel & Jonan, Singapore - 10 December 2015 - The Cultural Trail

What a wonderful way to explore the huge city of Bangkok. Nice people, sights, and enigmas. This was a very fulfilling day!

Linda, USA - 5 December 2015 - The Cultural Trail

It was great fun and entertaining! Thanks for this lovely day. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who has some hours to spend in Bangkok.

Charlie & Emily, UL - 23 November 2015 - The Bazaar Trail

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