Amazing Adventure invites you to a really exciting adventure tour in Bangkok – move around the megapolis in one of famous Bangkok taxis, one of the city’s symbols and popular mode of local transportation through Venice of the East!

Bangkok taxi differs from taxi in other Thailand cities, and the main difference is its price. For example, typical Thailand taxi fare in Pattaya starts from 200 baht, and in Bangkok you can drive more than 20 kilometers, paying only 200 baht for going to a team building activity, or deciding what to see in Bangkok.

Taxi driving in Bangkok is not an easy business; most of the cars are rented by their drivers, and the drivers earn on average 1500 baht for 12-hours shift. That is why sometimes they refuse to take a passenger to a heavily congested area and prefer to cruise in less congested places.


Bangkokians like taxis for their comfort and low price (you pay only 35 baht, or 1,1 US dollar, for the first kilometer of your ride, and 6 baht for each consecutive kilometer plus 2 baht for every minute spent in a traffic jam). Office managers use taxis for going to team building events, schoolchildren – for going to and from school, and youngsters use Bangkok taxis for participating in such activities, like treasure hunt or scavenger hunt.

When you visit Bangkok, exploring famous tourists attractions or going to a food tour by taxi will be the most comfortable options. But taxi drivers in Bangkok (frankly speaking, like everywhere) sometimes cheat. To avoid cheating, you should ask the driver to turn on the meter when you sit in a taxi. Also, it is useful to have a piece of paper with your destination point written in Thai – almost all Thailand taxi drivers cannot speak or read English. Also, it is important to mention that there is a 50-baht surcharge for departing by taxi from any of Bangkok’s airports, Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. Moreover, it is better to have small bills; drivers cannot give you change from 500-baht bill or 1000-baht bill in many cases. And if something went wrong, just photo taxi’s license plate and driver’s license, and call to the tourist police; they will definitely help you.

Remember these simple tips – and your Bangkok trip will become a real amazing race in the most comfortable way, because it will be done by famous Bangkok taxi!