Song Teaw

Song Teaw

When you visit Bangkok, you should gain maximal amount of local experience – eat like local, drink like local, and, of course, move along the city like a local. That is why Amazing Adventure recommends you to try song teaw – one of the most popular modes of local transportation in Bangkok.

Visiting Bangkok can become a really adventure tour if you want to see not only the most popular sites but also to feel yourself a real Bangkokian. You can choose what to see in Bangkok from plenty of options but song teaws in any case will be your door to real life in Bangkok; using them while visiting tourists attractions is a way of gaining an experience of Bangkok life-style.

You can see song teaws all over Thailand; visit Bangkok or Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya or Hua Hin, and you will see them definitely. Song teaw is translated from Thai language as “two rows”; this name origins from the construction of the vehicle. Song teaw is a pickup truck with two benches (one opposite another) for passengers.

Locals use song teaws because they are really cheap (one-way fare does not exceed 10 baht), and their routes cover the whole city area. Also, they can stop anywhere on their route; a passenger should just press a ring button on the roof of the truck to drop off, or wave his hand for stopping song teaw and dropping on.

Song teaws can be used by tourists for travelling everywhere in Bangkok (or in Thailand within any city). Going to a team building activity or team building event, visiting street cafes during the food tour, participating in treasure hunt or scavenger hunt (such hunts are extremely popular among Bangkokians) – all these activities will be much more interesting, if you choose a song teaw as a mode of transportation. Moreover, on song teaws you can communicate and chat with Thai people, and it can be really amazing; if you visit Thailand, such an experience will be one of the most exciting ones.

So, if you want to make a really amazing race on Bangkok streets, try song teaw – you will fell like a local in this beautiful city, Bangkok!