The BTS or Skytrain in Bangkok is a kind of on-rail metro. There is AC inside, space, and a voice that is indicating the next station, in Thai and in English. Therefore, eating and drinking inside is totally forbidden, this is made to keep the cleanness of the BTS. This is cleaner that what we are used to in the big European City.

There is two line of BTS in Bangkok, they will allow you to visit Bangkok fully. The first one going from Mo chit station to Kheha station, the second one is shorter, and going from National Stadium station to Bang wa station.

When there is no rushed (from 7am to 8am and 5pm to 7pm) this is a great way to discover Bangkok from the sky! Many tourists like to use the BTS to move inside of the city because you can see Bangkok from a new side.

There are two types of way to get a ticket to the BTS of Bangkok. The first option is to take one ticket which is stopping at your final station. Keep your ticket, you will need it to go out of the BTS. The second option is to take a card with many trips on it. This is like a subscription card. You will need your passport to create it and you can refill it when you are out of trips. The price of one ticket for the BTS of Bangkok is depending on how far you’re going but it’s cheap in general. To give you an idea: 4 stations= 33 baths, 1 station= 15 baths.

This is important to know that when it’s raining there is less BTS and they are slower. It will take you way much more time to go where you want to go, be careful at the weather if you are in a rush!

Generally, the BTS of Bangkok is a good experience and you should try it at least once. We hope that you will have good trip!

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