Amazing Adventure invites you to the most fascinating way of exploring Bangkok – a classic canal tour through many canals of Bangkok and Chao Phraya River; only this tour can help you to understand why Bangkok is called “Venice of the East”, when you will visit Bangkok.


Bangkok was founded in 1782 in the Chao Phraya’s river estuary; that is why boat transportation became the leading way of transportation in Bangkok from its very first days. But not only natural rivers were used for such a transportation; many artificial canals (they are called “klongs” in Thai language) were also developed for easing the transportation for noble and ordinary people, and also for different state purposes (including military ones), too.


Plenty of canals, big number of floating markets (markets where all sellers are placed in the boats, and customers buy goods standing on a river’s or on a klong’s banks), rivers and canals serving as main transport arteries – all these things led to the name “Venice of the East”; Europeans called Bangkok in this way in the nineteenth century, and Bangkokians are proud with this title.


Now Chao Phraya river, as well as some canals. Is still used for public transportation. Bangkokians like to go by boat – firstly, such mode of local transportation is relatively cheap (it costs not more than 30 baht), and secondly, it is really convenient, because you can travel from the eastern outskirts to the center of Bangkok, of from the very north of the capital to its historical quarters without any traffic jams on the way.


But Chao Phraya River Express or Klong Saen Saep Express boats can also be used for Bangkok sightseeing activities by the tourists. Such boat tour or canal tour is a perfect option to see the most popular tourist sites from the water (including Wat Arun temple and Grand Palace complex). Impression of Bangkok famous architectural sites from the water during the day or at the time of the sunset is really unforgettable; such a tour will be a really adventure tour for any tourist, and your treasure hunt will be successful: your gained treasure will be magnificent views of Venice of the East!