RC Boat

RC Boat

Enjoy the Water in Bangkok with our RC Boat Racing Game

We’re all about having fun with a little friendly competition. The RC boat racing game is a great activity for all types of groups. There are plenty of places in Bangkok where you can enjoy the water – from Lake Taco to the Chao Praya river, there’s no shortage of places to visit if you want to enjoy some time by the water. If you’re looking for a way to take a break from the heat and spend some time playing a relaxing but funny game, this is a great option for you!

Our RC boats are fast and so much fun! If you want to enjoy the water without having to actually get wet this funny game is ideal for you. Race remote control boats around the water and see who has the most control and who can get to the finishing line the fastest. This racing game is more complicated than it may initially seem – you may have to battle choppy waters to make sure that your boat makes it across to the end of the race!

Perfect for all types of groups, this funny game is the perfect way to enjoy a little light-hearted competition!

Whether you’re here with friends, family or coworkers, this funny game is something that everyone can get behind! The boats are not difficult to learn how to drive, and the competition aspect of the activity makes it something that everyone can enjoy. This is a really unique and engaging way to spend some time along the water in Bangkok – and it offers fun without you needing to worry about getting wet which makes it even more convenient. For the perfect afternoon by the water, don’t miss out on our RC boat racing game!