Flower bracelet

Flower bracelet

Thai Culture Activities – Make Your Own Flower Bracelet

Flower bracelets, or Phuang malai (พวงมาลัย) are well-known Thai crafts. Often seen as a symbol of Thai culture. Although the true origin of the flower bracelet is not known, they have been a staple of Thai culture since the time of King Rama V (mid-nineteenth century), where the skill of making these was an important honor, and all of the women of the Thai royal court were expected to know how to make these beautiful garlands. They are an important staple of Thai culture, especially when it comes to Buddhist offerings and showing respect.

Nowadays, there are several uses for the flower bracelet in Thai culture:

  • Malai chai deawมาลัยชายเดียว are usually used as Buddhist offerings – they are presented to Buddhist or Hindu statues in order to pay respects and earn merit.
  • Malai song chaiมาลัยสองชาย are usually hung around a person’s neck to show importance – they are used in Thai weddings and draped around the neck of the bride & groom.
  • Malai chum ruiมาลัยชำร่วย is a souvenir malai – it is the smallest type, usually given as a souvenir to a large group of people. This is similar to a lei in Hawaii.

Learn about one of the most famous Thai crafts and Buddhist offerings with this fun activity!

In this activity, you will learn to make your very own flower bracelet or phuang malai. These gorgeous garlands are made with scented flowers that make them not only beautiful to look at, but also a great decoration for a home as they smell amazing! This is the perfect activitiy for groups of all sizes and ages, as it gives you the perfect opportunity to learn more about Thai culture, and also to explore your creative side by making your very own traditional Thai flower bracelet!