Blind fold Testing

Blind fold Testing

Discover Thai Food With A Blind Test

We’re sure you’ve tried Thai food before – after all, it’s well known around the world for being flavorful and delicious! We have an exciting new way for you to discover the flavors of Thailand – through a blind test! You’ll be blindfolded and then given a variety of different Thai dishes to try. Depriving yourself of other senses is a great way to hone others. When you have your eyes closed, your senses of taste and smell will be heightened, creating a whole new experience for you.

Taste food in a whole new way – you’ll be getting up close and personal with the different herbs and spices that are used in Thai cuisine. When you taste food blindfolded, you’ll learn how to rely on your sense of taste and smell to unravel the different layers of flavor within each dish. You’ll learn about acidity, heat, and more elements of flavor, and how each one is used in Thai food to create the unique blend of smells and flavors that the cuisine is best known for.

Be prepared to really understand the complexity of Thai flavors. Taste food and learn how to identify the main ingredients and how they interact in Thai cuisine!

This is truly a fantastic way for any kinds of groups to explore local food. Our blind test is perfect for newcomers to Thailand, but also for groups that have lived here for a while. We’ll give you the chance to taste food and learn about Thai food in a completely new way. This activity is fun, engaging, and can be enjoyed by participants of all ages. If you are particularly sensitive to spicy food, just let us know and we’ll be happy to turn down the heat so that we can accommodate everyone.